STEP 2020 Financial Annual Report Express Summary and the 3rd PPT Report Competition

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  • Time of issue:2021-01-29 15:53

STEP 2020 Financial Annual Report Express Summary and the 3rd PPT Report Competition

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  • Time of issue:2021-01-29 15:53

From January 20th to 22nd, 2021, the STEP financial annual summary meeting with the theme of "Change Persistence, Brave the Wind and Waves" was held at the Meiyu Road Factory in Jiading District, Shanghai. The meeting lasted for three days. From skills training to express summary and PPT competition, it can be described as rich in content, diverse in form, and brilliant.

Day 1: Business Seminar


The main content is business seminars and introductions, led by STEP financial core team members. The content includes financial reporting system (Yenia), panoramic dialysis financial analysis system (Li Yinru), improvement of credit system (Tan Chaohui), unification of external payment and financial assistance business (Ding Renhao), real-time visual BI assistance business ( Li Yinru), Learning and Research (Tan Chaohui), Operational Finance Introduction (Zhang Naidu), How to Quickly Complete Monthly Reports (Gu Lina), Group Information Construction (Wang Jianguo, Gu Yifei).

In 2021, the group will further subdivide the business sector into 5 business units, 17 BUs and 25 product lines, and put forward higher requirements for financial capabilities. At the seminar, everyone discussed how to analyze the operating conditions more effectively to help business development Intense discussions were held and a unified conclusion was reached. I believe that the finance department can achieve higher value for the company in the new year.


Day 2: Financial soft skills training and dinner


The main content is financial soft skills training. Financial work has to deal with a large amount of data every day. It is not only necessary to process data accurately and efficiently, but also to pursue real-time visualization and interactivity when transferring data. In response to these two requirements, Liu Song, the receivable and tax manager of the Financial Sharing Center, trained the POWERBI software in the morning, and Jiang Haiping, the financial director of the Intelligent Manufacturing Division, trained the function application of EXCEL in the afternoon. In 2021, the real-time kanban analysis of financial work will be fully rolled out in various subsidiaries from multiple aspects such as revenue and collection tracking, customer opportunity points and order tracking.

In the evening, everyone made dumplings together in the company cafeteria. From work sharing to life tasting, simple ingredients not only promoted traditional culture but also promoted exchanges. Everyone enjoyed it. The scene of everyone gathering together to make dumplings was very lively, full of steaming fireworks, and out of deep love, they wrapped all the good wishes into the dumplings. The lecture hall is the same as the cafeteria, and work and life fly together. The dumplings were sung late, and the boiling pot sounded; the laughter was shocking, and the sound pierced between the cups and plates. Tasting the dumplings made by myself, my stomach is full and my heart is warm. This scene looks very special, maybe the hot life in front of me is a distance within reach.









Day 3: Annual Report Summary and PPT Competition


The main content is the summary of the 2020 financial annual report flash report and the third PPT report competition. A total of 80 people from external experts, leaders of the group and its subsidiaries, and financial personnel from each subsidiary attended the meeting. The event was co-chaired by Ye Niya, the report manager of the Financial Sharing Center, and Xu Wei, the financial manager of Yixin Company.



theme sharing


Li Guofan, deputy general manager and financial director of STEP, shared "STEP2021 Financial Management Transformation and Requirements" with the theme of "Change and persistence, long-term success". Mr. Li pointed out that the core of financial management transformation is from post-calculation to pre-calculation, from accountant to combat staff. STEP's financial organization reform Benchmarking benchmarking companies, establish and build STEP's three-pillar financial organization system: business and financial integration BP, shared financial centralized SSC, and strategic financial professional COE. And put forward five requirements for finance: (1) promote growth and push the management team to achieve BP's preset goals; (2) promote change and challenge the operation team to continuously improve and operate with excellence; (3) optimize resource allocation and gain insight into risks; ( 4) Use tools such as BI and RPA to improve the efficiency of accounting and report analysis; (5) Participate in R&D project management. Mr. Li also encouraged all financial personnel to make changes happen, overcome themselves, fight against inertia, fight against the unknown, keep learning, and insist on changing themselves every day.



Deputy General Manager of STEP

And CFO Li Guofan theme sharing



Annual Express Summary and Team Awards


Ye Niya, report manager of the Financial Sharing Center, summarized the group's annual financial report from four dimensions: report timeliness, report accuracy, forecast accuracy, and fund collection rate. In terms of timeliness of reports, all subsidiaries submitted them on time and progressed smoothly according to the time plan; in terms of report accuracy, the master data of the reports are highly accurate, and there are still some error-prone points that need attention; in terms of forecast accuracy, the overall income The deviation rate is 0.3%, and the net profit deviation of half of the companies is within 5%. In terms of fund collection rate, each subsidiary actively participates, and the overall collection rate reaches 99%. Capital centralization creates value. After a comprehensive evaluation of four dimensions, Yixin Company won the first place, Robot Company won the second place, and Electric and Huitong Company tied for the third place. Chairman Ji Yi, General Manager Wu Yuhui, Deputy General Manager Cai Liang, and Deputy General Manager Yang Lisha issued honorary certificates to the award-winning companies.


Ji Yi, chairman of STEP, won the first prize for the team to create a new company

Awards presented by representatives of the Finance Department


Financial Reporting PPT Competition


There are 12 contestants in this financial report PPT competition, from different financial positions of the group and its subsidiaries, with an average age of 34.2 years. The content of the competition reviewed the major events of the finance department in 2020, reported the financial and operating conditions of the group and its subsidiaries in 2020, and analyzed the reasons behind the mining data. After fierce competition, four winners were finally selected by financial expert judges, business expert judges and on-site financial personnel: the first place was Ye Niya from the Sharing Center; the second place was Qiu Qin from Xiaoao Finance Department, tied for the second place Li Yinru from the sharing center and Xu Wei from the finance department of Yixin. Xia Dawei, president of Shanghai Accounting Society and former president of Shanghai National Accounting Institute, Yan Jie, executive director of Shanghai Accounting Society and director of Shanghai Securities Market Working Committee, Wang Weixiang, chief financial officer of Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator, Zhu Linhao, president of Canny Elevator, and deputy general manager of STEP Li Guofan, Chief Financial Officer, Cai Liang, Deputy General Manager of STEP and General Manager of Electrical Control System Division, Zhou Guangxing, General Manager of STEP Robotics Division, and Tian Yongxin, Head of General Industrial Business Unit of STEP Intelligent Manufacturing Division, presented the award.







Leadership comments


Wu Yuhui, general manager of STEP, firstly welcomed the arrival of external experts, expressed support for the organization of this event, and affirmed each contestant. After previous accumulation and operation, STEP is now in a very critical period, because the new crown epidemic in 2020 has caused changes in the market demand of STEP's different business sectors, and the requirements for the financial team's capabilities are getting higher and higher. Financial personnel are required to expand from subsidiaries to business units, with wider coverage and stronger perception of business, so that STEP can truly focus on customer-centricity. At the same time, it is hoped that business, finance, and human resources can form a perfect partnership to support business development; the financial team can take the lead in establishing a true learning team organization.



Wu Yuhui, general manager of STEP, will comment


Yan Jie, executive director of the Shanghai Accounting Society and director of the Shanghai Securities Market Working Committee, praised the STEP financial team. Through three levels of training, the old, the middle and the young, it has built a full-scale team that can write when sitting down, speak when standing up, and can do things when organized. A comprehensive accounting talent team. The financial reports of various companies are generally very comprehensive, basically reporting around cash, financial reports and business docking. At the same time, three rationalization suggestions were put forward: (1) In terms of financial value creation and financial transformation, intelligent tools should be used for my own use, and industry, finance, taxation, law and technology should be integrated; (2) financial personnel should learn to conduct financial diagnosis and be able to find problems , and put forward reasonable suggestions to reflect financial value; (3) Train the financial thinking of non-financial personnel, so that they have basic digital concepts, risk control concepts and compliance concepts.



Executive Director of Shanghai Accounting Society

Comments from Yan Jie, director of Shanghai Securities Market Working Committee


Xia Dawei, president of the Shanghai Accounting Society and former president of the Shanghai National Accounting Institute, said that the overall financial reporting process is very exciting, the PPT is also very beautiful, the analysis of the financial report is in-depth, and the expression is accurate. Comprehensive evaluation from three aspects: (1) The construction of the financial team is very good, each financial staff can get thinking and growth in the analysis report, and has its own characteristics, sharing each other's experience, can learn from each other and make progress together; ( 2) The company attaches great importance to the building of the financial team, and all senior leaders attended this event. A company that attaches great importance to finance must be a good company; (3) Finance can analyze and study the factors that affect the company's development, and propose reasonable and effective solutions to help the company's growth develop. It is a big leap in finance from accountant to combat staff, full of challenges and opportunities, and I believe the future will get better and better.



President of Shanghai Accounting Society

Comments from Xia Dawei, former president of Shanghai National Accounting Institute


New development under the new situation, in the new year, STEP's financial personnel will meet new challenges with a new look!



External experts, group, subsidiary leaders

Group photo with all financial staff


2020 Express Report Summary and Competition

Li Guofan

Gathering in Chaxi for seminars, professional title learning and benchmarking.

Real-time visibility to promote payment, and the concentrated value of funds is obvious.

Combat finance goes to the front line, calling for artillery and resources.

Sharing improves efficiency and promotes improvement, and the waves are rushing to compete for thousands of sails.


On the tenth day of the twelfth lunar month of Gengzi, the financial team of STEP gathered in Chaxi to discuss training during the day and make dumplings for group building at night. Invite financial experts and business leaders to summarize the 2020 Express Report and Competition. Against the wind and waves, newcomers emerge; change and persistence, long-term success.


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