Wisdom Drives Wisdom to Create the Future丨STEP Operation Control Industry Fair Report

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  • Time of issue:2020-09-21 00:00

Wisdom Drives Wisdom to Create the Future丨STEP Operation Control Industry Fair Report

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  • Time of issue:2020-09-21 00:00

From September 15th to 19th, at the Industrial Fair held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), the STEP Transportation Control Division jointly participated in the exhibition at booth 6.1H-C138.

Eight-axis synchronization, five-axis linkage, bus motion control, Ω series servo drives, Zhishan series servo drives... Let our engineers lead you to visit!

1. Eight-axis synchronous motion system



The eight-axis synchronous system is driven by our new-generation Ω series servo and SC30 motion controller as a whole, controlling three different motors—linear motors, rotary motors, and DD motors. At the same time, real-time monitoring of remote information is implemented through wireless modules. The key point of the eight-axis synchronization is that our controller, while doing various movements, continuously maintains the eight-axis synchronous movement and linkage interpolation, such as the synchronization of high-speed rotation. Through the implementation of the whole system, it has been proved that we can provide a perfect integrated drive and control solution.

2. Ω series servo drive products



The Ω6 series servo system has strong performance, the refresh cycle of the current loop is 1us, and the frequency response of the speed loop can reach 3.5kHz; the self-developed vibration suppression algorithm can eliminate the vibration in the frequency range of 0.5Hz-10kHz; based on the new over-quadrant compensation algorithm, the perfect circle speed increased by 85%. Equipped with a new self-tuning function, it can be used out of the box, and one-key parameter adjustment can save 90% of the servo debugging time compared with the previous generation. The system has passed more than 160 rigorous tests in the HASS and HALT tests. It is tough, stable, and extremely sturdy. It can still work normally in a 35g vibration environment. Equipped with special brake module, wireless debugging module, black box and other functions, reflecting more intimate design.

3. SC30 motion controller



Intelligent industrial 4.0 controller, flexible and easy to use and sharp and powerful, one-stop service, to help industrial upgrading.
Features: easy to expand, modular, even the host can change the internal modules. Flexible and easy to use, STEP Automation Studio development tool software, drag-and-drop configuration, zero-configuration one-stop intelligent solution, oriented to the combination of cloud and intelligence for Industry 4.0, and deep cultivation of industry technology.

4. Five-axis linkage demonstration platform



High-performance bus CNC system supports up to 12 axes. The minimum interpolation period is 25 microseconds, dual-channel, supports five-axis linkage RTCP, supports mixed use of bus and traditional pulse, and fully open system architecture. Applicable occasions: CNC milling machine, drilling, polishing, etc.

5. Bus motion control platform



Powerful motion control processing capability, with motion control trajectory preprocessing planning function, spline curve interpolation and other motion functions. Applicable occasions: lithium battery industry, packaging industry, printing industry, notebook production line, potion filling line, etc.

6. Singliner series servo products



The single-axis bus Ωs-AP2 series, Ωs-EN2 series, Ωs-AN1 series, and multi-axis bus Ωm-N1 family series were displayed intensively.

7. Zhishan series servo drive control products



Zhishan series products are rich, M3 bus CNC dedicated servo, integrated integrated servo, K1 single/double axis servo drive, G3 series servo drive, all mobilized.


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