Better life, smart manufacturing丨STEP Robot Industry Expo report

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  • Time of issue:2020-09-21 00:00

Better life, smart manufacturing丨STEP Robot Industry Expo report

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  • Time of issue:2020-09-21 00:00

From September 15th to 19th, at the Industrial Fair held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), STEP Robot and STEP Group participated in the exhibition at booth 7.1H-E005.

STEP high-speed palletizing robots, SD7 series robots for Tiantuan dance performances, welding robots equipped with point laser function packages, and special bending robots with innovative structures and trajectories, hard core strength, the backbone of intelligent manufacturing.

Zhongweixing SCARA robot, visual flying camera, dual-machine lock, high-speed handling, synchronous follow-up, small body but big energy, 3C, automobiles, home appliances, food and medicine... a good life is indispensable.

Next, invite R&D engineers to lead us to visit!

1. High-speed palletizing robot


In order to achieve stable and high-speed operation of the robot, the STEP robot R&D team pays attention to every detail of the robot for a long time, from component selection to mechanical design, from current change to equipment temperature rise, from dynamic algorithm to trajectory planning, from experimental testing to field application . Comparing with imports, the SP120/2400HS palletizing robot achieved a breakthrough again on the basis of 1000 packs/hour, reaching 1200 packs/hour.

STEP Palletizing Robot Application Conference
At the "STEP Palletizing Robot Application Conference" held at the exhibition site, R&D engineer Guo Gong released the "SP120/2400 (HS version)" high-speed palletizing robot. He explained the "fast" Core Technology. Based on the flexible dynamic model, a variety of trajectory smoothing technology & online real-time forward-looking, to achieve a breakthrough in software technology; core components & over-temperature protection and control system, to achieve hardware upgrades; using advanced palletizing function package, 5-step automatic generation of palletizing program, Significantly improved usability. The application cases of this palletizing workstation in various industries have verified its excellent performance.

2. Members of the SD7 series robot dance troupe


SD7 series robots: Faster, more stable, more accurate
body lightweight design, smaller footprint, more compact structure; adaptive flexible control system, through accurate flexible modeling of the system, superimposed load feedforward technology and self-adaptive Servo control algorithm, so as to suppress the vibration well; based on the accurate flexible model, optimize the beat through the variable inertia control algorithm; flexible precision compensation technology, correct the absolute position of the robot end by constructing a static compensation model, and improve the absolute position accuracy of the robot; support dragging Dynamic teaching and collision detection functions, relying on the precise dynamic model identified by the STEP robot dynamic algorithm, can accurately predict the motor torque when the robot is moving, without additional sensors, so as to accurately identify collisions.

3. Laser solution for the welding point of the carriage plate


Point laser function package: more efficient welding positioning
STEP point laser function package supports various point laser ranging sensors, which can perfectly replace all functions of existing welding wire positioning. No contact, no wire cutting, the position of the workpiece can be determined by edge search from any direction, the open API supports various extended applications, and provides a parameterized editing interface.

4. Sheet metal bending solution


Bending special robot: Customize
the innovative mechanical structure of the STEP special bending robot for the depth of metal bending, avoiding the problem of using general-purpose robots to pit or raise the height, and realizing the perfect adaptation between the robot and the bending machine tool; innovative motion track and bending follow , to realize the synchronous improvement of bending efficiency and product qualification rate.

5. Robot vision flying shooting platform


It consists of Zhongweixing GR4215 high-speed robot body, QC410 integrated drive and control, and AVS vision system. The platform is equipped with robot software ARStudio and vision system software AVS4.00.
GR4251 high-speed robot, based on the full dynamic model, can predict the change of robot inertia, automatically calculate the optimal acceleration, limit the torque to increase the beat and adjust the servo control according to the change of inertia, high response speed and high precision, and the positioning accuracy of AVS vision system reaches 1/64 pixel , supports automatic calibration in all installation directions, the flying camera technology integrated with the robot and vision system greatly reduces the application process time, and the accuracy of the whole machine is within ±0.025mm.
Applicable occasions: material insertion, auxiliary material pasting, camera vision positioning at high speed, multi-tool material assembly, etc.

6. Two-machine lock-attached disassembly workstation


Zhongweixing PR5216 robot screw locking solution, the blowing type feeding locking SCARA and the suction type disassembling the SCARA form a locking operation cycle. Fully integrate the intelligent electric batch locking process; torque angle monitoring, locking result recording; floating lock, sliding tooth, chute troubleshooting, constant force pressing. Application industries: 3C electronics, white goods, plastic hardware, toys, etc.

7.GR high-speed handling workstation


The GR robot incorporates kinematics design concepts and is equipped with the latest generation of QC410 controllers from Zhongweixing, which intuitively shows that the speed of the whole machine has increased, and the comprehensive computing performance of the system has increased by 5 times. Light-load high-speed handling, visual assembly, precision plug-in, synchronous grabbing, dispensing, soldering, and labeling. Application industry: 3C electronics, car electric hand, white goods, food and medicine, new energy, instrument optics, plastic hardware, etc.

8. The arc synchronously follows the sorting workstation


The hanging robot cooperates with the vision to realize the circular arc synchronously following pick and place. The vision system dynamically recognizes, accurately classifies and locates, and the robot arc follows synchronously for precise positioning. Application industry: It is suitable for visual precision labeling, high-speed handling and assembly under special installation conditions.

9. Robot disorder sorting technology experience station


STEP robot disorder sorting technology experience station, where you can see our latest light-duty high-speed robot SD7, as well as the latest machine vision technology.

In such a workstation, through 2D + deep learning technology, the robot can easily sort out different beverages such as Coke, Sprite and Fanta, and at the same time realize the precise positioning of the cans through 3D structured light technology, so that Make a precise grasping motion. Such a technology, in fact, has a very wide range of applications. It can be used for mixing and dismantling in the logistics industry, and it can also be used for loading and unloading of some special-shaped components on machine tools. It should be said that the latest 3D vision technology is also for Robot empowerment makes the application fields of robots more and more extensive.


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