Elevator cloud technology丨STEP participated in the report of China International Elevator Exhibition

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  • Time of issue:2020-08-20 00:00

Elevator cloud technology丨STEP participated in the report of China International Elevator Exhibition

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  • Time of issue:2020-08-20 00:00

The China International Elevator Exhibition was grandly held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from August 18th to 21st. Following Mr. Gu Deren, a special reporter of "China Elevator", let's watch what new technologies and new products are displayed by STEP.


STEP exhibition area丨25 years we have traveled together


Mr. Gu Deren, Special Correspondent of China Elevator

Reporter: This year marks the 25th anniversary of STEP. When you walk into the STEP booth, you will first see the commemorative logo of the 25th anniversary.

Sun Entao: The STEP exhibition area includes: Elevator Cloud Platform Display, Elevator Integrated System Large-scale Supporting Display, Household Elevator Overall Solution, Rail Transit Escalator Solution, Human-Computer Interaction Products, Cables, Intelligent Manufacturing Production Line and other solutions display.

Elevator system integration display
G9000 control cabinet turned out



Dong Gong: The STEPG9000 integrated control cabinet has the following characteristics. 1) Industrial appearance design, suitable for more application scenarios. 2) The full integration of components makes the volume of the control cabinet smaller (900mm in height), laying the foundation for the fully automated production of the control cabinet. 3) Combined with the elevator cloud, the binding of the elevator system ID is realized to ensure the maintenance interests of elevator customers in the aftermarket. 4) Through the encoder, realize the binding with the host parameters, reducing the work of on-site host parameter setting. 5) The control cabinet is designed with two doors to realize the authority distinction of different functional operations. The routine operation is realized on the panel, and the operation door is opened when the components need to be repaired.

Elevator cloud complete solution
Elevator post-market security and efficient protector


Jiang Gong: Elevator cloud parts management solution. Store original information such as chip Eid information and barcodes of all accessories on the cloud platform. When installing maintenance accessories on site, it needs to be compared with the information on the cloud platform. Only when the maintenance accessories are consistent with the binding information on the cloud platform, that is, only legal accessories, can they be connected to the entire control system normally, thereby ensuring that elevator manufacturers Safe and efficient parts management. Elevator cloud data security. The encryption algorithm based on the block chain is encrypted during the entire data transmission process, making full use of the security and protection of the cloud to ensure data security. In addition, it is processed and analyzed based on the chip Eid blockchain encryption algorithm to ensure data security.

The highly integrated home elevator control cabinet
will not trap people in a power failure, and it will automatically rescue


Sun Gong: STEP home elevator system: 1) Replace the traditional photoelectric switch and limit switch with an absolute encoder, so that the shaft is simple and clean, and it is never wrong. 2) Supporting outbound calls, the size perfectly fits the size of the bottom box of the 86 box of the household switch. 3) Automatic rescue. In view of the special occasions of family privacy, integrated one-key call sign function. Built-in SIM card, store 4 numbers, store family members, property and other emergency call numbers, to deal with the problem that maintenance workers cannot enter the house. In this way, people will not be trapped in power failures, and people will not be trapped in faults, and automatic rescue will be realized.

The future judgment of elevator control technology
is networked, intelligent, humanized and safer


Sun Entao: Traditional elevator control technology is increasingly combined with new technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data. At the same time, the requirements for safety are actually getting higher and higher. The requirements for product aesthetics are also getting higher and higher. Including the requirements for product volume and integration, it is also constantly improving. For the future elevator control technology, it must be developed in the direction of networking, intelligence, humanization and safety.

Sun Entao: For example, Elevator Cloud, such a new system, combines Internet of Things technology and big data technology. We connect the elevators to the Internet through the Internet of Things, and use big data technology to analyze and integrate various information collected, so that it can better serve the entire elevator company and elevator customers, and solve everyone's problems.


flow of people


G9000 becomes a hotspot


Cable display




Elevator Control System丨Escalator Control System


elevator cloud


System Integration Solutions


Receive information


STEP team



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Based on automation, informatization, and intelligence, with intelligent manufacturing as the engine, the pursuit of perfection as the soul, and the means of differentiation, everything starts from the customer and creates value for the customer. STEP will continue as always!


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