Technical Development and Application Acceptance of High-power Port Crane Special Frequency Converter

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  • Time of issue:2020-07-31 00:00

Technical Development and Application Acceptance of High-power Port Crane Special Frequency Converter

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  • Time of issue:2020-07-31 00:00

The High-tech Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China recently organized the acceptance meeting of the "Twelfth Five-Year" National Science and Technology Support Plan "Key Technology Research and Application Demonstration of High-power Electro-hydraulic Devices and Precision Transmission Basic Parts" in the form of video conference, and the on-site acceptance was passed.
Shanghai STEP Electric Co., Ltd. undertook the sub-project of the project. The name of the project: the development and application of key technologies for high-power port hoisting special inverters. Project participants: Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry (Group) Co., Ltd., Harbin Institute of Technology, Tongji University.
The project mainly develops series products of frequency converters for hoisting, and realizes field weakening control, anti-sway control, deviation correction control, synchronous control, Key technologies such as open-loop vector high-torque control, and commercial application of the above technologies.



Port machine frequency converter丨Shanghai Waigaoqiao application site

Major scientific and technological achievements achieved

1) Achievements in high-power inverter products
AS700 series engineering inverter
AS600 series lifting special inverter
AS510 series AFE rectifier unit
AS520 series lifting special inverter drive unit
EBU series braking unit and intelligent brake device
30-500kW Series of four-quadrant load testing platforms.  

2) Key technology research results 
High-speed field-weakening control adopts the torque current and excitation current optimization control method based on voltage closed loop; zero-speed high-torque control technology adopts the rotor position observation method based on high-frequency signal injection; In terms of zero-frequency operation of asynchronous motors, a zero-frequency operation method based on voltage compensation is innovatively proposed; in terms of inverter fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant control, a complete set of fault diagnosis is proposed for switch tube faults, current sensor faults, and speed sensor faults, etc. and fault-tolerant control methods; in the aspect of motor shaft voltage and shaft current suppression, the method of active feedforward filter and PWM feedback active filter is adopted; in terms of anti-sway and deviation correction, a position correction control technology based on GPS and Beidou is proposed; In terms of active front-end rectification technology, a phase-locked loop based on sliding Goeser transform is applied, and a repetitive control method of LCL filter in a two-phase stationary coordinate system and a current decoupling control strategy in the case of unbalanced inductance are proposed. Intelligent Brakes Electro-hydraulic and electromagnetic intelligent brakes have been developed, and their mechanical properties have been tested; the gentle braking strategy is applied to tight stop braking conditions, so that the high-speed running mechanism can be stopped smoothly. At the same time, in the test Verify the feasibility of smart brakes.   

3) Achievements in production line and application demonstration The research 
group also provided experimental prototypes and production prototypes, as well as related process research, and realization of port machinery frequency converter drive technology requirements. In the industrialized on-site implementation of this project, the main developed equipment is as follows: ① Multi-motor synchronous control function test bench, this system is used to study multi-motor synchronous testing of new quay cranes; ② New intelligent tire crane prototype, which is a comprehensive Application results, light RTG design, eight-rope anti-sway device, container delivery, differential gearbox combined with Riba reel, intelligent electric cart lifting and turning and automatic operation; ③ quay crane 60T electric control test bench, It is mainly used to test various performance indicators of STEP frequency converter; ④ A prototype of a new type of automated wharf rail-mounted container gantry crane. During the implementation of the project, two high-power unit manufacturing lines with a production capacity of 500 sets were built, which can simultaneously meet the on-site assembly work of 10 large-scale port machinery electrical control systems. Built 4 200kW-1500kW load test benches. 1 set of aging test equipment, used for aging test of inverter PCB board. 

Patents, software copyrights, etc.

Through the implementation of this project, the core technology of low-voltage high-power inverters has been mastered; the system specification of domestic low-voltage high-power inverters has been proposed; 30 invention patents have been applied for during the implementation of the project, 11 of which have been authorized; 17 papers have been published and won 2 software copyrights; participated in the compilation of 1 related industry standard for hoisting special inverter products, which provided a solid theoretical foundation and strong intellectual support for the smooth progress of the project in terms of theory and practice.


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