Intelligent manufacturing, co-creating dreams丨STEP Xiaoao joins forces in Jiading, Shanghai

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  • Time of issue:2020-06-28 00:00

Intelligent manufacturing, co-creating dreams丨STEP Xiaoao joins forces in Jiading, Shanghai

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  • Time of issue:2020-06-28 00:00

Good rain knows the season, and it will happen in the morning. This is an unforgettable moment. In the drizzle, the cool air is exceptionally fresh. Accompanied by gentle wind and drizzle all the way, a big bus is slowly driving from Songjiang to Jiading. The leader on the bus is Director/Vice President of STEP, Xiao Tian Yongxin, the general manager of the Austrian company, led more than forty Xiaoao elites to a long-awaited appointment.

In front of the STEP Siyi Road factory office building, an unveiling ceremony was brief but solemn. With the last countdown of the countdown, STEP President Ji Defa and Xiaoao General Manager Tian Yongxin jointly unveiled the plaque, and a red silk hijab was slowly lifted. Then the brand name of Shanghai Xiaoao Xiangrong Automobile Equipment Co., Ltd. suddenly came into view. With the click of the camera, the lens was fixed at Renwu, Xinchou and Risi in the Gengzi Year of the Lunar Calendar, which is 10:00 am on June 27, 2020 in the Gregorian calendar. 18 points. Applause rang out for a while, and the employees participating in the ceremony and the iron tree blooming in front of the expert building not far away witnessed this exciting moment together.

The event was presided over by Li Guofan, vice president of STEP. Jin Xinhai, vice president of STEP, Lisa Yang, vice president of STEP, Hu Zhitao, deputy general manager of the intelligent manufacturing division, and some employees of STEP participated.


Speech by Gidefa, President of STEP 

STEP President Gidefa first delivered a speech and said that several cycads in front of the STEP expert building have bloomed again, which should be rare in a lifetime, but STEP’s cycads will bloom at the right time, and this is the third time in these years. The first flowering was in 2010, when STEP went public, and the second flowering was in 2015, when STEP celebrated its 20th anniversary. The third flowering this year seems to be because Xiao Ao went home, moved from Songjiang to Jiading and met with us. Together, it's a good time, a good day. Here I wish that we will unite and struggle together and share common prosperity.


Xiaoao丨Intelligent production line project of drive and control integrated machine

Smart manufacturing is currently a key industry promoted by the state. The domestic market capacity of this industry exceeds 100 billion. STEP is the pioneer of smart manufacturing. This year, Xiaoao helped us build a drive-control integrated machine smart manufacturing production line that has been put into use, and the effect is very good. , The stability and reliability are shocking. This production line reflects the strength of Xiaoao. I hope that we can make full use of our own strengths, strive to stand in the leading position, and become a unicorn enterprise. In order to achieve this goal as soon as possible, we hope that we can work together!


Tian Yongxin, general manager of Xiaoao, delivered a speech

Tian Yongxin, the general manager of Xiaoao, said in the subsequent thank you that Mr. Ji attached great importance to Xiaoao's relocation. He personally participated in all aspects and customized a very delicate corporate plaque. Mr. Li and Mr. Gong have done a lot of work for Xiao'ao's relocation. We would like to express our gratitude to the group leaders and colleagues for their efforts on Xiao'ao's relocation!


Xiaoao丨Automobile flexible manufacturing production line project

Xiaoao company joined STEP in 2015, and the group leaders have given strong support to Xiaoao both in terms of development space and development strategy. Recalling the past and the glorious years, Xiaoao has experienced several relocations since its establishment in 1992. For more than 20 years, Xiaoao felt and experienced the prosperity and prosperity of this industry in the automotive industry. Through Efforts have increased income and created our own industry competitiveness. During the current epidemic period, the macroeconomic environment is relatively severe, and the automobile industry has also entered a period of adjustment. The epidemic has accelerated the integration of the automobile industry and also promoted the layout of Xiaoao's diversified development. Under the guidance of the STEP "318" strategy, I believe Xiaoao It will open up a bigger new world in the field of intelligent manufacturing.



Xiao Ao joins forces in Jiading丨Activity site 

On such a sunny day, Xiaoao and STEP met in Jiading, and the gurgling water splashed waves in the pool behind him with Mr. Tian's speech, as if telling the struggle and glory along the way, and also foreshadowing The future career will come naturally and continuously.



The iron tree is blooming, welcoming Xiaoao to Jiading

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