Industry 4.0 Lighthouse Factory

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Industry 4.0 Lighthouse Factory

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Tracking and searching: Haier Qingdao Jiaozhou Industrial Park
Processing workpiece: base of air conditioner external unit
Punching line: 17 STEP robots
Resistance welding wire: 13 STEP robots, 2 SCARA robots

Industry 4.0 Lighthouse Factory
Haier Qingdao Jiaozhou Factory

Davos World Economic Forum "Industry 4.0 Lighthouse Factory" has 16 buildings in the world, and it is the guiding light leading the world's manufacturing industry. Excellent representative of the program.

Many international robot brands are used in this factory, and its first domestic robot production line is delivered by STEP. This indicates that the products and solutions of Chinese robot brands have entered a mature stage and are capable of being tested in high-intensity and high-stability production line applications, and have won the favor of Haier, an international large-scale home appliance brand.

STEP built
the first domestic robot intelligent production line

for Haier Haier Industrial Park Qingdao Jiaozhou Factory. The intelligent production line consists of 32 STEP robots, which are responsible for the stamping and welding of the base of the air conditioner external unit, maintaining high-strength and high-stability operation, and realizing Compatible with 17 kinds of products, high flexibility of simple and rapid product switching, 60% reduction in labor consumption, general workers instead of welders, significantly reducing the risk of work-related injuries. This is the first domestic robot production line adopted by Haier, and it is a turnkey project provided by STEP, a high-quality robot brand.



 Haier's first domestic robot production line

Talking about this project, its technical director introduced: Qingdao Haier’s air-conditioning external machining production line is in urgent need of a comprehensive upgrade of production equipment due to the impact of old equipment; at the same time, Haier combined its global strategy from traditional factories to air-conditioning digital factories, Further advance the intelligent modification of the whole line. In the process of supplier selection, through contact and investigation with STEP, the technical strength of STEP was recognized. After repeated program communication and technical verification, the stamping line and resistance welding line of the base of the Haier air conditioner external unit were successfully implemented, and the production The equipment has been fully intelligently upgraded, greatly improving product quality and reducing labor intensity.


Air conditioner external unit base

The stamping process of the air-conditioning
panel of the automatic stamping line for the base of the air-conditioning external unit includes multiple processes. It was previously realized through independent multiple plate punching machines. After the stamping process of the previous process is completed, the operator removes the plate and puts it into the next one The process is processed in the punching machine, the operation is cumbersome, the labor intensity is high, and the processing efficiency is low. A total of 17 STEP robots have been invested in the automatic stamping line of the base of the Haier air conditioner external unit. The automation efficiency of the whole line is 50% higher than that of the original manual line. Now it can complete a finished product in 10 seconds.


Haier air conditioner external unit base automatic stamping line

A total of 13 STEP robots and 2 SCARA robots were invested in the resistance welding wires of the base of the air conditioner external unit base. The upgraded flexible welding line can adapt to the switching of multiple varieties and is compatible with a variety of products, and the consistency of welding products is greatly improved . Improvement, an average of 12 seconds to produce a finished product. According to the site manager of Haier, in the resistance welding line, based on the calculation of a single person, the manual welding can be up to 750 pieces per person per day, and the average per person in the automated production line is 1,000 pieces per day, and the efficiency has been significantly improved. At the same time, it solves the problems of missing welding and virtual welding due to manual operation errors in the manual welding process, and improves the product quality.


 Haier air conditioner external unit base automatic resistance welding wire

Cooperating with Haier, STEP robots can efficiently promote the scheme design of the whole line, combined with the actual working conditions of Haier's air-conditioning production line, by virtue of the quality of its own robot products and its proficiency in various processes such as welding, loading and unloading, and handling and palletizing. The implementation and acceptance will ultimately help Haier to promote demonstration applications in the smart home appliance industry, and it also reflects the product strength and solution delivery capabilities of STEP robots.

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