STEP "Key Technology of Elevator Drive" won the Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award

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  • Time of issue:2020-05-29 00:00

STEP "Key Technology of Elevator Drive" won the Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award

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The "2019 Shanghai Science and Technology Award Conference" was held in the central hall of the Shanghai Exhibition Center on the morning of May 19, and was grandly commended to scientific and technological workers who have made outstanding contributions to Shanghai's scientific and technological innovation and economic and social development.

According to the《Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Award Regulations》, after passing the review of the Municipal Science and Technology Award Review Committee, the approval of the Municipal Science and Technology Award Committee, and the approval of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, 308 Shanghai Science and Technology Awards (persons) were awarded in 2019.

Awards include Science and Technology Merit Award, Youth Science and Technology Outstanding Contribution Award, Natural Science Award, Technology Invention Award, Science and Technology Progress Award, Science and Technology Popularization Award, International Science and Technology Cooperation Award and other categories. The STEP project "Key Technology Development and Application of Intelligent Safety Elevator Drive" won the "Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award".



Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award Project Name
: Key Technology Development and Application of Intelligent Safety Elevator Drive     ; Greener STEP Motor Co., Ltd.     Shanghai STEP Electric Co., Ltd.     Harbin Institute of Technology




This project belongs to the field of advanced manufacturing and basic core components. The elevator driver is the brain of the elevator equipment. The intelligent and safe elevator driver developed by this project can control the safe, comfortable and energy-saving operation of the elevator. It is a new generation of elevator driver products with the following six major innovations.

1) Current predictive control technology. An improved current predictive control technology is proposed, which solves the problem that the traditional PI control is greatly affected by the motor parameters, significantly improves the current loop bandwidth, and speeds up the system response, so that better control performance can be obtained. At the same time, a current static error elimination method is proposed, which can eliminate the current static error caused by the controller motor model parameter error.

2) Anti-rollback control technology for direct-drive elevators. The moment the elevator starts, the traction machine is suddenly stressed. To ensure the smooth start of the elevator, the speed must be kept at zero. This project adopts non-static speed predictive control. Aiming at the characteristics of strong disturbance at the moment of elevator starting, on the basis of general finite set model predictive control, a disturbance estimation link is added to correct the model deviation caused by strong disturbance, so as to ensure the balance of torque output. Under the premise of disturbance, the steady-state speed static difference at zero servo is eliminated to ensure that the elevator does not slip in a steady state.

3) Maximum torque current ratio (MTPA) control technology of permanent magnet synchronous motor. An online maximum torque-to-current ratio control strategy based on current vector angle self-correction is proposed. The current vector angle is adjusted online through the stator current sampling value, and the fast Fourier analysis link is introduced to compare the current vector amplitude under different vector angles in real time, so as to obtain the optimal current vector angle with the minimum current amplitude and realize the system The maximum torque-to-current ratio can reduce the loss of the motor and the loss of the switching device of the inverter.

4) Parameter identification technology in the static state of the motor. The main research is the parameter identification method of AC motor in static state. Aiming at the structure of the voltage source inverter, an adaptive compensation method for the nonlinearity of the device is proposed. This compensation method does not need the switching characteristic parameters of the power device, and does not need to compensate the dead zone effect, and the algorithm has high robustness. After using this method to compensate the voltage, the identified parameter values ​​have high accuracy.

5) Functional safety technology. In the application of the elevator industry, the safety factor is the top priority. Developing a frequency converter with safe torque off (STO) function can save the output contactor and reduce electromagnetic noise. The STO function switches off the control voltage of the power semiconductors, preventing the inverter from generating the voltage required for the motor to rotate. In the event of STO activation, the power supply to the inverter is safely cut off. The inverter cannot generate torque and thus cannot perform dangerous movements.

6) Fault diagnosis technology. An automatic detection method of brake braking torque and a fault diagnosis method of encoder are proposed. The automatic detection method of the braking torque of the brake can accurately detect whether the braking torque of the brake is qualified, and predict the life of the brake device, remind the maintenance personnel to replace it, improve the safety of elevator operation, and the convenience of elevator maintenance sex. The encoder fault diagnosis method can diagnose the encoder fault and avoid the safety problems caused by the fault of the encoder.

During the implementation of the project, 10 authorized invention patents were obtained, and 20 papers were published in domestic and foreign core journals, all of which have been included by SCI and EI; presided over the formulation of 1 national standard, and participated in 2 national standards. According to the scientific and technological novelty search by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, this project is creative and novel in principle and design, and its comprehensive technology has reached the international advanced level.

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