Reinforcement war "epidemic" 丨 Zhongweixing "Operation and control solution for automatic mask production line"

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  • Time of issue:2020-02-19 00:00

Reinforcement war "epidemic" 丨 Zhongweixing "Operation and control solution for automatic mask production line"

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  • Time of issue:2020-02-19 00:00

[STEP Group丨Zhongweixing] Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, masks have become a hard currency. As various companies resume work and production, their usage has increased. However, the daily production capacity of domestic medical surgical masks and N95 masks is only 2.2 million , 600,000, the contradiction between supply and demand is prominent.



In view of this, everyone is anxious to promote the industry. On the basis of launching the " equipment free use" activity, after in-depth research on production and processing technology, a motion control solution for the automatic production line of medical masks has been formulated in time , which can help equipment manufacturers or integration Providers complete rapid deployment.



The mask automatic production line uses rolls of non-woven fabrics, which are automatically cut into the shape of the mask, automatically welded with ear straps after automatic lamination, and packaged after disinfection and other procedures. Automatic production is realized by using PLC, servo motor and other program controls. 

For the prevention and control of this epidemic, the officially recommended medical surgical masks and N95 masks are flat masks and foldable masks. Due to the different shapes, there are certain differences in the specific production process. 

Let's take a surgical mask as an example to see the specific production process.


The main process of automatic mask production


Mask automatic production line

*If the bandage masks are produced, a mask banding machine is required.

In the above production line, one mask body machine needs to be equipped with 2-3 fully automatic inner/outer ear strap mask machines, and the production capacity can reach more than 120 pieces per minute, that is, 0.5 seconds per piece. High quality, low defect rate, easy operation, and motion control performance can be described as inseparable.

Zhongweixing produces medical masks


Motion Control Solutions

Highlights of the program 

• Ethercat bus and pulse mixed control, flexible configuration
•. Integrated local I/O control, more convenient.
•. High-response servo drive, quickly follow system instructions.
•. Mature motion control development platform, easy to use.
•. Servo vibration suppression function 

Zhongweixing mask production motion control product introduction


• AMC1600E product wiring diagram


• Introduction of AMC1600 features

In addition, the actual project experience accumulated by Zhongweixing in the medical industry can also be quickly applied to the packaging and other links in the later stage of mask production, using Zhongweixing SCARA robots to cooperate with Zhongweixing controller + servo to complete Sorting, palletizing and other processes.

Fighting against the "epidemic" is a protracted war, but also a war of attrition. Zhongweixing takes it as its responsibility to ensure the production and supply of various medical protective materials, and also has motion control solutions for automated production of medical protective clothing, goggles, etc. , look forward to your inquiry.

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