No need for toothpicks when taking elevators, STEP launched a "contactless" elevator solution

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  • Time of issue:2020-03-04 00:00

No need for toothpicks when taking elevators, STEP launched a "contactless" elevator solution

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  • Time of issue:2020-03-04 00:00

Reported by Shanghai Jiading TV Station 

[Report from Shanghai Jiading TV Station] During the epidemic, netizens from all over the country had their brains wide open. Lighters, toothpicks, toilet paper, plastic wrap and other protection methods for taking elevators became popular on the Internet. This shows that everyone attaches great importance to the safety of taking elevators. Besides, Is there a more scientific and efficient method?

Recently, STEP Electric Co., Ltd., located in Jiading, Shanghai, launched a "contactless" elevator ride solution. How can you ride an elevator without touching the buttons? Let's find out together.


In STEP Electric Co., Ltd., Jiang Xiaoyan, product director of the enterprise Internet of Things, demonstrated to reporters the specific operation process of "contactless" elevator riding. Before entering the elevator, the user must first scan the QR code pasted at the elevator entrance with his mobile phone, enter the STEP Elevator Cloud WeChat applet, click on the "I want to take the ladder" column, and the applet will automatically jump out of the floor where the user can choose to go up or down. and target floors.


Jiang Xiaoyan: "For example, if I want to go upstairs, click up in the applet, and then the button corresponding to the elevator up will light up. At the same time, you can see the current running status of the elevator on the left side of the screen. When the elevator door reaches my floor , the door will open, and then you can enter the floor you want to go to, for example, if I want to go to the fifth floor, he will have a confirmation interface, just click to confirm."

After the user enters the elevator, the elevator will automatically light up the target floor. The "contactless" elevator ride plan has two modes of operation: WeChat applet and mobile APP. Employees who see STEP taking the elevator will open the mobile APP in advance, and then choose the floor they want to go to when they are about to reach the elevator entrance.


Fang Hailai: "I feel that other methods still have some contact, and it is not safe to use sharp objects. This ("non-contact" elevator use scheme) is relatively more reliable.

In terms of data security, in the process of data collection and transmission of each elevator, data encryption is carried out, and enterprises can effectively control the process of taking elevators through the background.

This solution does not need to add additional devices outside the elevator hall and inside the car, and only installs an IoT gateway in the machine room, which is more convenient to operate. According to the plan, the "contactless" elevator solution will be gradually put into use in key regions and cities across the country.

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