Helping each other in the same boat and meeting in the spring——STEP 2019 annual meeting and 2020 Chinese New Year party report

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Helping each other in the same boat and meeting in the spring——STEP 2019 annual meeting and 2020 Chinese New Year party report

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Together | 2019STEP Annual Commendation Conference
The STEP2019 Annual Meeting and 2020 Spring Festival Gala was grandly held on January 15, 2020 in the STEP Shanghai Siyi Road Lecture Hall. Member of the Party Working Committee of Jiading New City, member of the Party Committee of Malu Town, deputy mayor Zhang Min, vice chairman of the Nanxiang Town People's Congress, chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions You Weihua, vice chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Nanxiang Town He Congjuan and other local leaders were invited to attend the event. More than 300 employees of STEP were enthusiastic join.


STEP in 2019 

The annual meeting film "STEP in 2019" first led everyone to review the major events that took place in 2019 in the STEP Group and the elevator, industrial control, robot, transportation control and other sectors.


Speech by Chairman Ji Yi

Work hard with one heart, the more difficult and dangerous the more forward. Chairman Ji Yi delivered a speech: Looking back on 2019, what do you think? To apply the current Internet buzzwords, it is "too difficult". The overall feeling is that the overall environment is complex and changeable, the Chinese economy is facing huge challenges, and the economic growth rate is clearly declining. On the micro level, our enterprise is also facing great challenges. In the first half of 2019, several of our most important subsidiaries faced a difficult situation of year-on-year decline in performance. But in the face of difficulties, we are not intimidated. In the second half of the year, the situation was reversed through everyone's back-to-back fight. In such a severe environment, it is really not easy to achieve this result. I was deeply moved by everyone's hard work. As the chairman, our management team and I will always stand behind you all the time, let us help each other, seize the day and live up to our youth.

2019 is the first year we implemented the 318 strategy. Our strategy formulation is to "hold on to the green hills and not let go, and set up roots in the broken rocks". With a strategy, we will not hesitate to give up because of some difficulties. To become an everlasting enterprise, STEP needs to have final thinking and top-level design, so that it can resist temptation and loneliness. Strategy tells us to do difficult things, do right things, and do things that take time to accumulate. Simple things mean fierce competition, and long-term things can build a moat.

2020 is a critical year for the implementation of the strategy, and STEP must be guided by the strategy. STEP is a technology-innovative enterprise at heart, and technological innovation can be said to be our genes. Genes are weird things, and it's hard to change them. STEP has many years of experience in the automation industry and has strong R&D strength. This strength will be reflected in the company's technology awards. Many of the projects have high gold content and are worthy of our pride. A few days ago, I saw the assembly line that Xiaoao made for a robotics company. It was very beautiful, and this is a level that can only be achieved after long-term accumulation. These are all made by genes, so let's not disappoint this good gene. Finally, I use two keywords to make a conclusion. One is "believe": believe in ourselves, believe in our team, believe that I can and I can! One is "persistence": adhere to the strategy, adhere to the right things, persist in difficult things, and persist in long-term investment!


Chairman's Special Award


Individual Excellence Award


Outstanding Artisan Project Award

In the 2019 "Excellent Craftsmanship" awards session of the conference, 11 individual representatives of outstanding craftsmen and 5 outstanding craftsman projects were rewarded. The Chairman's Special Award was awarded to 3 outstanding managers and 1 R&D management team.


Science and Technology Progress Award

Innovating every day, the "STEP First Science and Technology Progress Award" awards ceremony was held at the same time as the annual meeting. Award-winning projects, 2 second prizes and 5 third prizes.


Academia Sinica Theoretical Research Office was established

The Theory Research Office of STEP Academia Sinica was officially established, with Chen Wei as the director, Wang Chunxiang as the deputy director, Ji Defa as the chief consultant, and 12 committee members.

Dating Spring | 2020STEP New Year's Gala Meet
in spring, all the good memories will be gurgling with the thawing river. Open your heart and listen to the sound of spring. Those flowers, plants and trees have all set off in the bright spring, rushing to the annual event, waiting for a colorful singing.



After the commendation at the annual meeting, the "STEP Spring Festival Gala" came on stage. The four hosts brought good wishes for the spring and wished the audience a new year. The gala staged dance, cross talk, drama, chorus and other programs.



Dance · Butterfly Love Flower

A spring dance "Butterfly Loves Flowers" opened the prelude to the cultural performance. Colorful butterflies are flying, flowers are blooming like brocades, spring is coming along with a new breath, and the stage is full of purples and reds for a while. The flowers bloom in the warmth of spring, entrusting a brand-new hope. The flowers in the heart are like the gentleness and agility shown in the dance. Through the joint interpretation of dancers, music and lights, it gives people a spring breath that rushes to the face.


Pas de Deux · Moon Between Hearts 

The duet dance accompanied by Guzheng - "Moon in the Heart", with the player's hands moving on the strings like clouds and flowing water, and the ingenious cooperation of various performance techniques such as wiping, picking, rolling, pulling, shaking, sliding, etc., Guzheng is full of A little bit ethereal, bringing a sense of picture like a moonlit night in the spring river. A pair of dancers, talking with the zither, walking with the bright moon, sometimes spinning and undulating, sometimes lifting and flying, is full of images and intriguing.


Cross talk Titanic 

The cross talk "Titanic" adapted the classic lines in the movie into Henan dialect, and the humorous performance made people laugh out loud.




Broadway jazz dance is full of passion, unrestrained, noble and elegant, making people full of vitality and creativity from body to soul.


Singing a classic name

The performances of the Henan opera "Mu Guiying in Command" and the Peking opera "Farewell My Concubine" brought by professional teachers, and the presentation of classic pieces, bloomed with timeless artistic charm.


Me and My Motherland·Song of STEP

The chorus "My Motherland and Me" showed the patriotism that never forgets the original heart and the pure heart to the motherland. In the finale performance of "Song of STEP", Chairman Ji Yi led the company's leadership team to fly their dreams with the choir, singing the aspirations and pride of STEP people. The on-site programs were brilliant and climaxed one after another, bringing a unique audio-visual feast to the employees present. 

Just because of such a platform, our work and life are enriched and colorful, allowing us to break through ourselves and re-understand another different self. The annual meeting commendation and theatrical performance lasted nearly 3 hours. Beautiful moments are always fleeting. At the end of the event, the cast and crew took the stage together and took a group photo with the singing of "Unforgettable Tonight". The STEP Spring Festival Gala provides employees with a stage to show themselves, and also enhances the cohesion among employees and enhances their sense of belonging. Next year we will bring our respective harvests and meet in another different spring.

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