Depth Tracking | STEP Robot - Counterattack Password for Small Manufacturing Enterprises

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  • Time of issue:2020-01-14 00:00

Depth Tracking | STEP Robot - Counterattack Password for Small Manufacturing Enterprises

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STEP robot - the key factor for Yancheng Jicheng's performance to increase by 10 times in 4 years.
The fourth stop of tracking search: Yancheng Jicheng Petroleum Pipe Fittings Processing Workshop
STEP Robot Station: Petroleum Pipe Fittings Processing Machine Tool Loading and Loading
STEP Robot Number: 4
Robot Service Start Date: July 2015

key 5 cents

"Let's do the math first, piece-rate wages, we need to pay 6 cents for manual loading and processing of a workpiece, and the cost allocated to each workpiece for robot loading and processing is 1 cent. Our advantage is the key 5 cents . Don't underestimate the 5 cents. The quantity unit of each batch is tens of thousands of pieces, and the accumulated effect is quite impressive. What needs to be added is that we take depreciation, electricity, and maintenance costs into account in the apportionment of robot costs. Yes. As a pipe fittings processing company, what we earn is processing fees, and the competitive advantage brought to us by STEP robots is that we are the first to achieve total cost leadership among our peers." On November 21, 2019, sunny northern Jiangsu In Jianhu County, Mr. Zhang, who is in charge of production in Yancheng Jicheng, is holding his fingers, and his words are full of confidence and pride.


Finished products of oil pipe fittings

In the processing workshop of Jicheng in Yancheng, dozens of workers are working in full swing, and 4 STEP robots are moving up and down among 8 machine tools, busy and orderly. Large quantities of standard parts are processed by robots, and small quantities of non-standard parts are produced manually. 1 worker inspects every half an hour and feeds every hour. Mr. Zhang said that there are many types of pipe fittings. Jicheng has senior engineers who are familiar with mechanical processing. The tooling for loading and unloading robots is processed by Jicheng itself. In the future, an automatic feeding mechanism is planned to further reduce the labor intensity of workers.


Use site in March 2016

The 4 STEP robots we saw on site were produced in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Mr. Zhang said that it is used very well. Except for the routine maintenance of the manufacturer, it has never been reported for repair. This is due to the stability of the quality of the robot itself and the solid use training in the early stage. Now Jicheng’s technicians have mastered the daily maintenance of the robot. If you encounter problems that you really don't understand, you can basically solve them by calling the STEP staff.

Mr. Zhang, who studied mechanics, also added that solid materials are an important reason for the stable performance of STEP robots. For example, the motors and reducers are mainly imported brands, and the wiring harnesses, connectors, bellows, pipe clamps, bearings, and seals are all consistent with international first-line robot brands, and they are all branded goods.



Use site in November 2019

STEP robot is our counterattack password

Mr. Zhang said that when facing large orders, our advantages will be fully reflected. Our local area is a gathering place for the petroleum equipment industry. Most of the pipe fittings processing enterprises are small in scale. Facing large orders with a short delivery period, it is very difficult; usually there are too many workers and they are faced with the dilemma of not being able to eat enough. The robot itself has high efficiency and strong continuous working ability. It arranges 2-3 shifts every day, and people stop and stop. When rushing to order, we can always complete the delivery on time with quality and quantity. The STEP robot is our counterattack password. Since installing the first robot in 2015, we quickly tasted the sweetness and purchased 3 more robots one after another. In 4 years, our performance has increased by 10 times, and we have become a local enterprise above designated size. Since using the STEP robot, county leaders have often come to visit, effectively enhancing the company's popularity. In order to increase production capacity, Jicheng is building a new factory, which will be put into operation next year.

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