zhongweixing: SCARA robot innovation is precipitated

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  • Time of issue:2019-12-18 00:00

zhongweixing: SCARA robot innovation is precipitated

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Compared with heavy-duty robots, although SCARA started relatively late in the Chinese market, it has become popular in recent years, and many companies have entered this market one after another. However, in market competition, technology is still an important winner. Those companies with deep technology accumulation and good at innovation can still maintain their leading edge on the track. 

[STEP Group丨zhongweixing] On December 12, at the 2019 Gaogong Robot Annual Conference, Wang Liang, Marketing Director of Shenzhen Zhongweixing, pointed out in his speech on the theme of "Technological Innovation Drives SCARA Steady Forward" , "Ontology manufacturers It is indeed very difficult now, but we have to face the future, and future profits and market size come from technological innovation, and Zhongweixing Robotics has been going all the way since 2006, and this is the core foundation supporting its development.”


Wang Liang, Marketing Director of Zhongweixing

The innovation of industrial robots mainly revolves around the control system and the ontology. It seems simple, but there are many ways. Zhongweixing took the lead in launching the integrated drive and control controller in China in 2010. Last year, the second-generation integrated drive and control QC410 was launched. Wang Liang believes that an excellent robot system should have these characteristics: perfect functions, focus on experience; optimized performance, surpassing imports; Quality-oriented, meticulous; equipped with easy-to-use operating software. 

First of all, in terms of function, when SCARA is used for horizontal transfer, it can be applied to many application scenarios after attaching third-party tools to its end, such as bringing a screwdriver for assembly. To better cooperate between the two, the robot control system itself is required to have corresponding functional modules.

In specific application cases, if SCARA needs to cooperate with vision, it needs to have automatic calibration function; for online operation, it needs to have dynamic following function; for precision assembly, it needs to have precise positioning function, etc. It can be said that Zhongweixing QC410 has a rich function library, covering most of the application scene functions in the 3C field.


From the perspective of performance, the speed of SCARA directly affects the efficiency of manufacturing, and the precision affects the yield rate of smart manufacturing. In many cases, if you want precision, you don’t have speed, and if you want speed, you don’t have precision. How to improve these two technical indicators at the same time?

"From the comprehensive optimization of the driver layer, application software layer to hardware, find a balance point among many conditions to achieve the best performance. Taking QC410 as an example, we compared the experimental data, and compared with most mainstream brands at home and abroad. In contrast, taking the test of 100% multi-directional pose accuracy as an example , ZWH has very small deviations at different coordinate points and has excellent performance. Judging from the comparison experiment of 100% speed distance accuracy , ZWX Also, the deviation is relatively small and the performance is excellent." Wang Liang pointed out.


From the perspective of stability , there are many factors involved in product stability, including manufacturing processes and testing standards. For this reason, Zhongweixing started from the details and made a lot of efforts. For example, the built-in detection system in the QC410 controller can give early warning when abnormalities occur, and give maintenance suggestions to avoid the occurrence of final failures, thereby comprehensively improving the overall control system. stability. It is reported that the products launched by Zhongweixing eight or nine years ago are still being operated on site, reflecting its characteristics of stability, reliability and high quality. 

Wang Liang said: "In addition, the robot system should be simple and easy to use. QC410 can choose different motion modes such as speed and trajectory according to different application scenarios, and the system will automatically adjust these parameters. Of course, we also provide more advanced gameplay. , accurately monitor the current change of each motor during debugging, and maximize the performance of the motor according to the application scenario." 

From the perspective of ontology innovation , Wang Liang pointed out that Zhongweixing entered ontology manufacturing out of accidental factors. At that time, no suitable ontology manufacturer was found to cooperate with the verification of Zhongweixing's control system. In 2018, the GR series SCARA launched by Zhongweixing has made a lot of innovations compared with the previous generation AR series. For example, the steady stop time has been shortened by 25%, the acceleration time has been shortened by 20%, the positioning accuracy is more accurate, and the theoretical service life The temperature has been increased by 50%, and the temperature has been reduced by 20°C. It has taken a small step towards high speed and high precision, and a small step towards stability and reliability. 

"Our in-depth research on Ontology has brought out the performance of our own robot control system to a large extent. A good system with a good Ontology is an excellent product and can better serve customers." Wang Liang pointed out.

As a pioneer in domestic robot drive and control integration technology, Zhongweixing has shipped more than 10,000 units of S CARA since 2015, covering many subdivision fields and application scenarios. Wang Liang said that with a large number of feedback from users on the process requirements, Zhongweixing SCARA has been iteratively optimizing and improving. Zhongweixing will continue to take solving on-site problems as the basic orientation of innovation and development, and continue to work hand in hand with users with high-quality products, good services and reasonable prices.

Good News
On December 13th, as the highlight of this year's annual conference--the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony with the theme of "Upward Chinese Power" came a good news: Zhongweixing GR series SCARA was shortlisted for the 2019 Innovation Technology Award and succeeded won the Golden Globe .



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