Depth tracking | STEP robot: guarding the safety of car seats

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  • Time of issue:2019-12-12 00:00

Depth tracking | STEP robot: guarding the safety of car seats

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  • Time of issue:2019-12-12 00:00

Shanghai Chentai uses STEP robots to realize automatic welding, maintain high-intensity use, and create substantial benefits.

It has been more than 5 years since the launch of STEP robot products in 2014. In the past 5 years, how has the STEP robot been used in the customer's factory? How do customers evaluate? With these questions in mind, we started our in-depth tracking journey of searching for old users of STEP robots. 

The first stop for tracking and searching: Shanghai Chentai Pipe Co., Ltd.
STEP robot station: car seat pipe fittings welding workstation
STEP robot model, quantity: SA1400, 3
robots Service start time: May 2016
Welding workpiece: small diameter high Frequency welded steel pipe 

Let's first take a look at the two brand new STEP robot welding workstations that have just been put into operation as early as June 2016. The shiny robots are in the bright welding room, surrounded by bright welding tools, Work tirelessly.


June 2016, live video 

After 3 and a half years, on November 6, 2019, in Heqing Town, Pudong, Shanghai, Mr. Wang, who was in charge of production in Shanghai Chentai, led the author to see the STEP robot welding workstation that had been in continuous operation for 42 months. After years of welding During the test, the robot, tooling and welding room have all been blackened. 

Mr. Wang said that the two sets of STEP workstations have been in the state of high-intensity production scheduling with two shifts for many years. The effective working time of each shift is about 10 hours, and each station produces 700 pieces per shift. Originally, each shift required at least 6 welders. Now only 2 general workers are needed, and the welding process is well controlled, achieving low spatter and effectively reducing the cost of cleaning the workpiece later. The welded finished product has been tested online by eddy current flaw detection, and has passed strict metallographic detection and penetration test of the weld. The pass rate exceeds the level of manual welding, ensuring the weld quality of the high-frequency welded steel pipe skeleton. In Chentai, 10 million pieces of pipe fittings for car seats are produced every year. The stable and efficient STEP robot has contributed its own strength and has become the patron saint of car seat frame safety.


November 2019, Live 

As a senior manufacturing expert, Mr. Su Hai, general manager of Shanghai Chentai, believes that STEP robots have performed well in efficiency and stability over the past three years. The product quality of STEP, the selection of welding machines, the level of design and manufacturing of fixtures, and the ability to use welding processes are inseparable. 

Mr. Su introduced his experience in the use of robot welding. There are many categories of automotive seat frame products, small batches, short delivery time, fast pace, complex welds, short welds, large quantities, hidden positions, and high requirements for synchronous cooperation between robots and positioners during the welding process. Welding places high demands on it. These elements were considered in the design of STEP robots, so after delivery, after the initial run-in, the use has been very smooth. Mr. Su also particularly emphasized that in the process of use, great attention should be paid to the maintenance of equipment and staff training, and the wearing parts should be replaced on time.


November 2019, live full video 

Mr. Su also confessed the mentality of deciding to purchase STEP robots at that time. In 2016, Chentai had 15-20 welders, and the monthly salary plus overtime pay was more than 14,000 yuan. Facing the rising trend of welder prices, Chentai decided to try robot welding. As a leading domestic brand, STEP has entered Mr. Su's field of vision. After investigation, Mr. Su chose STEP with the attitude of trying it out. Now it seems that the STEP robot has withstood the test of high-frequency use for more than 3 years, and its stable performance has helped Chentai recover the project investment early.


General Manager Su Hai (second from right), President Wang (second from left)

Interestingly, due to Chentai's environmental protection work in place - the arc baffle and dust recovery device in the robot welding workstation are installed, the workers wear protective gear, and the stability of the workshop workers is quite good. The master worker who has been working at the robot workstation since the beginning saw him busy and orderly working in front of the robot. As a practitioner in the robot industry, we are sincerely happy. The STEP robot not only saves the workers from strong light and dust pollution The welding station is freed to work more happily and easily, and with good welding quality, it protects the safety of car seats and the safety of each of us.

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