Gidefa alumnus donates tens of millions to Bless Shanda University

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  • Time of issue:2019-11-28 00:00

Gidefa alumnus donates tens of millions to Bless Shanda University

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Editor: Ji Defa, President of Shanghai STEP Electric Co., Ltd., donated 10 million yuan to his alma mater Shandong University on November 25, 2019 to support the development of education. The following is reproduced from the report of "Shandong University Education Foundation".



Ten million! At the milestone moment when Shandong University is about to usher in the birthday of Shuang Jiazi and the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the School of Control Science and Engineering, alumni Ji Defa donated 10 million yuan to support the development of Shandong University's education.



On the afternoon of November 25th, the donation ceremony of Gidefa alumni was grandly held in Mingde Building, Central Campus of Shandong University. Shandong University alumnus Ji Defa and Shandong University President Fan Liming attended the event. The ceremony was presided over by Wang Qilong, Executive Vice President of Shandong University.



In her speech, Fan Liming, on behalf of the teachers, students and staff of the school, expressed her gratitude to Gidefa alumni for donating to support their education and giving back to their alma mater. She said that over the years, Gidefa alumni have donated to their alma mater many times, selflessly supporting the development of the alma mater's control discipline and the construction of the Qingdao campus. Today, he once again donated generously and donated huge sums of money, fully demonstrating his sincere love for Shanda University and giving back to his alma mater , and injected strong momentum into the development of the school. Gidefa alumnus is not only an entrepreneur full of humanistic feelings and innovative spirit, but also an outstanding representative of 600,000 Shanda people. From him, we can see the character of "respecting reality and seeking innovation" and the feelings of "family, country and world" of Shanda people .
Fan Liming emphasized that the development of his alma mater is inseparable from the care and support of every alumni. Facing the historical position of the new era, Shandong University inherits the original intention of "educating talents for the country", shoulders the mission of the times to strengthen the school and rejuvenate the country, and released the "Action Plan for the Rejuvenation of the Nation by Strengthening the University of Hundred Twenty Mountains" on the 118th anniversary of the school, leading the 60 Master Wanshan pursues his dream to strengthen the country through education, forge ahead on the journey of rejuvenation, and comprehensively promote the construction of a world-class university. Against such a background, the donation of Gidefa alumni is even more significant and far-reaching . It further blew the rallying call for the majority of alumni to help "Bai Erishan strengthen the school and rejuvenate the country". The historic change, bringing together the majestic strength of all Shanda people to work hard to rejuvenate the country, will play a positive leading and exemplary role.


In his speech, alumnus Gidefa said that as a graduate student from the School of Control, Shanda University, although he has left his alma mater for more than 30 years, his affection for his alma mater has become stronger and stronger, and donation has always been his long-cherished wish. He said that in the future, he will always bear in mind the educational purpose of his alma mater and contribute to the development of his alma mater, wishing that Shandong University will become a world-class university as soon as possible.



At the ceremony, Wang Fei, secretary-general of the Shandong University Education Foundation, signed a donation agreement with Gidefa alumni, and Fan Liming issued a donation certificate to Gidefa alumni.
Liu Liping, the wife of alumnus Ji Defa, Xiao Weirong, an alumnus of the 78th grade of the Department of Electrical Engineering, and vice president of the Shanghai Alumni Association; Sang Xiaomin, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Propaganda Director of Shandong University, responsible for the party-run school office, the Youth League Committee, the Cooperative Development Department, the School of Control Science and Engineering, and the Celebration Office Representatives of teachers and students from some colleges attended the ceremony.



After the ceremony, alumnus Ji Defa attended the "Yuxian" alumni forum. Mr. Ji Defa shared his life experience with the young teachers and students present. After listening to the sharing, the students actively asked questions according to their own perceptions, and had a cordial exchange with Mr. Gidefa. The spirits of two generations of Shanda masters are closely integrated in the question-and-answer dialogue between you and me.


The majestic mountain is big and has a long history; in the age of one hundred and twenty, you and I will help each other. Shandong University has gone through a history of more than 100 years, and has bred lush peaches, plums, and talents. As the alma mater is about to usher in the birthday of the Double Jiazi, the alumni who have always adhered to the spirit of Shandong University have returned to the campus after a long absence. A birthday present, and the spirit of Deshan University will last forever.
Manuscript source: Lu Menglei, Liu Xin, Zhu Mengqi 
Image source: Zhang Dandan, Propaganda Department
Responsible editor: Liu Xin, Miao Lu

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