What kind of experience is it to have a hardcore template machine?

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  • Time of issue:2019-08-19 00:00

What kind of experience is it to have a hardcore template machine?

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[STEP Group丨zhongweixing] The invention of modern sewing machines has reduced the workload of manual sewing in garment factories. Today, template sewing technology has become the main force of intelligent garment factories.

The intelligent sewing system is the core construction content of the entire garment intelligent factory system, and it is also the part with the highest investment amount. It requires the coordinated operation of intelligent production information system, intelligent sewing equipment, and intelligent transmission system to play a role together.

The intelligent production information system is a guiding technical document for employees to operate. The intelligent sewing equipment is the hardware equipment for employees to sew clothing pieces, which is equivalent to the guns used by soldiers to fight. The intelligent transmission system is an auxiliary system, and its main function is to complete the cutting Or the delivery of semi-finished products, and built-in production management software in the system.


Construction content of clothing intelligent production system 

As an intelligent sewing device, the automatic template machine can meet almost all flat sewing processes, rapidly improve the sewing quality, and at the same time, the efficiency soars. You only need to edit the template and start it with one button. There is no need to manually adjust the cloth direction and repeatedly sew complex stitches. . However, due to the different electronic control systems and different pattern-making software, the operation experience of template machines of different brands is quite different.

Mr. Lin, who was once in trouble in recruiting people, used Zhongweixing MTC520 full-step integrated template machine control system for the newly purchased template machine, equipped with pattern-making software. His feeling is that "the operating experience is amazing!"

Baseline Free 

"Origin Compensation" has been set, so there is no need for each benchmark.
Free reference is a popular function launched by Zhongweixing for template machines.

To put it simply, for the first time, the files and engraving templates are generated according to the required graphics, and the origin compensation of the machine is set in the machine adjustment function, then any processing graphics can be changed, and processing can be performed without benchmarking again. Compared with the common practice of repeating benchmarks, it can be said to be a must for lazy people. 

Tuning function 

Always be on call.
The function of machine adjustment is to ensure the perfect cooperation between the mechanical energy and the control system when the mechanical parameters change during the installation or use of the machine. 

It is not necessary to know the mechanical technical parameters such as the circumference of the screw rod, and the distance (pulse equivalent) that each pulse can move the shaft can be accurately calculated by inputting the moving distance of the shaft, so that the machine can run better. 

It is more convenient and intuitive to set the offset of special processing by moving the template, not only to make the sewing process accurate, but also to make the laser brush exactly the same.

The spindle motor rotates at a slow speed and moves at a speed that can be identified by the naked eye. It can easily and accurately distinguish and determine the positioning position of the needle. 


Tuning function demonstration丨Video teaching 

graphic modification 

Simple and intuitive, easy to handle
In order to improve the processing effect of graphics and respond to changes in customer process requirements, a graphics modification function is added. 

Translate, symmetry, rotate, reverse, and sort the graphic file tracks directly through the touch screen, and can also operate multiple tracks at the same time, avoiding time-consuming repeated operations.

On the touch screen, you can directly edit the graphics generated by the pattern-making software, expand the file through the manual pattern-making function, and add the desired graphic lines according to your own wishes. 

It is found that the graphic does not meet the required size. Without operating the pattern-making software, the function of deleting needles and adding needles can quickly adjust the graphic to a reasonable size without re-editing the graphic. 

If there is a deviation in the trajectory or the trajectory needs to be modified due to technological requirements, the trajectory editing function can directly modify the trajectory needle points on the screen to make the graphic trajectory more perfect and the processing effect to a higher level.


Graphic modification demo丨Video teaching 

Zhongweixing MTC500 and MTC520 template machine control systems both have the above functions. And Zhongweixing does not stop pursuing the ultimate experience of the template machine system. Its latest version of the human-machine interface will be released soon. The interface is more beautiful, the USB interface is more convenient to plug and unplug, and convenient physical buttons have been added. Everything is worth looking forward to!

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