Elevator Star Internet of Things 丨 e-box series ESDT400 launched into operation

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  • Time of issue:2019-06-06 00:00

Elevator Star Internet of Things 丨 e-box series ESDT400 launched into operation

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  • Time of issue:2019-06-06 00:00

As an important monitoring device for elevators, the Star IoT data acquisition terminal provides users with various roles with rich elevator operation data, and can detect faults in time and actively alarm to ensure the safety of elevator operation. STEP 2G version ESDT200 series has been widely used, and its advantages such as built-in lithium battery, plug and play, easy installation and debugging, stability and reliability have been widely praised by users.



In view of the problem of poor GPRS signal coverage in some usage scenarios, and in order to better meet the usage needs of overseas countries and regions and further improve the Star e-box product line, we launched the 4G full Netcom version pure data collection terminal ESDT400. ESDT400 inherits the advantages of ESDT200, and its installation and use methods are consistent with ESDT200, and it is upgraded to a 4G full Netcom module.

Features of the Star e-box ESDT400 terminal
realize the collection function of elevator operation data.
Support DC9V-30V wide voltage range power supply.
One CAN interface, one RS485 interface, one RS232 interface, two dry contact signal inputs.
The operation status indication is rich, which can indicate the network signal quality, the connection and interaction status with the server, the connection and interaction status with the elevator main board, etc.
Built-in lithium battery and charge and discharge management module, no need to add additional backup power supply, support power failure detection, meet the relevant requirements of GB/T 24476-2017.
A complete plug-in wiring harness is provided as standard, no additional wiring is required on site, and it is plug-and-play.
It supports standard DIN rail installation in the elevator control cabinet and is compatible with screw fixing installation.
Support terminal program remote update.
Support terminal and motherboard agreement, terminal and platform agreement customization.
The 4G full Netcom module is backward compatible with 3G and 2G network standards, and supports domestic mobile, telecom, China Unicom and overseas local operator services.
Focus on solving the problem of ESDT200 pure data acquisition terminal in some applications where the 2G signal is poor, while taking into account the cost performance.
Highly competitive mobile network tariff discounts.

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