STEP palletizing robot丨Agility, extraordinary strength

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  • Time of issue:2019-06-27 00:00

STEP palletizing robot丨Agility, extraordinary strength

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As we all know, the handling, placement, access and retrieval of goods in the warehouse cannot achieve efficient operation only by manual labor. Warehouses with a relatively high degree of automation use AGV mobile trolleys and various palletizing robots to achieve efficient and rapid access to goods. Therefore, palletizing robots have been widely used in warehousing and logistics.

Palletizing robots replace manual handling and palletizing operations, which can rapidly increase output and production efficiency, and at the same time reduce errors caused by manual operations. The robot palletizing system can work 24 hours a day, greatly saving labor costs and at the same time achieving the result of reducing staff and increasing efficiency.

So, as an industry-leading STEP palletizing robot, what changes can it bring to users? 

Improve work efficiency

The load of STEP palletizing robot can reach 275kg, and its speed and quality are much higher than that of manual labor. According to different loads, the maximum moving speed can reach 2500mm/s during linear motion, and the handling capacity can reach 1100 times/hour.

Each palletizing robot has an independent control system, and the repetition accuracy can reach ±0.2mm, which can fully meet the positioning requirements of logistics palletizing operations. 

Usually the power of mechanical palletizer is about 26kW, while the power of STEP palletizing robot is about 5kW, which greatly reduces the operating cost of customers. 

multiple network control 

In terms of control network, STEP palletizing robots can exchange signals and data with peripheral equipment and host computers conveniently, quickly and reliably through "point-to-point" communication, or through different international standard bus interfaces or Ethernet, and realize networking on site. control. 

Through software programming, different motion paths can be set and flexibly optimized to meet the diverse handling requirements of different product types in the operation. 

Improve technology and reduce cost 

STEP palletizing robots are constantly incorporating the latest scientific and technological achievements. For example, by adopting 2D (2-dimensional plane) and 3D (3-dimensional laser) vision systems, the robot can automatically identify the position of the grasped object, making the palletizing operation more flexible and reducing the cost of product conveyor belt positioning equipment and labor costs. expenses etc.

The STEP robot palletizing system can adapt to various types of packaging products such as cartons, bags, cans, beer boxes, bottles, etc., and can meet the requirements of various industries such as chemicals, beverages, food, beer, and plastics.

The following cases come from the handling and palletizing operations of STEP palletizing robots for bagged products, boxed products, and items of different specifications in feed, chemical fiber, and unmanned warehouses.


Feed bag items丨Palletizing


Chemical fiber boxed goods丨handling and palletizing


Items of different specifications in unmanned warehouse丨Palletizing


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