STEP robot servo innovation technology丨Won the Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award

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  • Time of issue:2019-05-23 00:00

STEP robot servo innovation technology丨Won the Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award

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1. The Shanghai Science and Technology Awards Conference was held

The Shanghai Science and Technology Award Conference was held on the morning of May 15th, and was solemnly commended to the scientific and technological workers who have made outstanding contributions to Shanghai's scientific and technological undertakings and modernization. At the same time, the 2019 Shanghai Science and Technology Festival with the theme of "Innovation by All - Marching to a Science and Technology Innovation Center with Global Influence" was officially launched.


Li Qiang, Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee

Li Qiang, Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, attended and emphasized that it is necessary to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on Shanghai's inspection and the important instructions on the construction of a science and technology innovation center, aiming at the important The goal is to activate key forces, revitalize platform carriers, drive industrial development, invigorate innovation ecology, accelerate the march towards a scientific and technological innovation center with global influence, and strive to make greater contributions to my country's construction of a world-class scientific and technological power.
Ying Yong, deputy secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and mayor, presided over the meeting. Yin Yicui, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Yin Hong, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and city leaders Yu Shaoliang and Zhang Endi attended the meeting. Vice Mayor Wu Qing read out the commendation decision at the meeting. The city leaders presented awards to the award-winning representatives, extended warm congratulations to the commended collectives and individuals, and extended sincere greetings to the vast number of scientific and technological workers in the city.


Conference site

2. STEP won the third prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award

In 2018, the Shanghai Science and Technology Award awarded a total of 300 awards (persons), 10 people won the Youth Science and Technology Outstanding Contribution Award, 28 achievements won the Natural Science Award, 30 achievements won the Technology Invention Award, and 231 achievements won the Science and Technology Progress Award. Australian nationality Expert Zhang Shuting won the International Science and Technology Cooperation Award.

As an important bearing area of ​​Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center, Jiading has been commended for 17 scientific and technological achievements of scientific research institutes, enterprises and institutions (excluding colleges and universities). Among them, Shanghai STEP Electric Co., Ltd., Shanghai Singlina STEP Motor Co., Ltd. and Shandong University jointly completed the project of "Key Technology Development and Application of Servo Motor and Driver for High-performance Robots" and won the third prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award.


STEP award-winning representatives

The project belongs to the field of advanced manufacturing and basic core component technology. The high-performance robot-specific servo system developed by the project has the key features required by modern robots such as intelligence, networking, high-efficiency modularization, and strong safety. It is a major technological breakthrough in the field of robotics. Self-adaptive bus interface and inter-node high-precision synchronization technology, servo system energy-saving technology under minimum energy consumption constraints, servo motor optimization technology with high response, high energy efficiency, and low torque ripple, and servo system intrinsically safe technology and other five core technologies. Innovative research, after the review by the expert group and the scientific and technological novelty search of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, it is believed that the product of this project is creative and novel in principle and design, and it is an upgrade in terms of robot industry needs, overall performance and application adaptability, and its comprehensive technology has reached international standards. advanced level.

During the implementation of this project, it has obtained 10 nationally authorized invention patents, 9 utility model patents, and applied for 12 invention patents; published 16 papers; presided over the formulation of 1 industry standard; and obtained 7 provincial and ministerial investment plan projects.

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