Elevator Star IoT maintenance module is here!

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  • Time of issue:2019-05-22 00:00

Elevator Star IoT maintenance module is here!

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  • Time of issue:2019-05-22 00:00

1.Elevator Star Internet of Things

1. Elevator Star Internet of Things

In order to better serve elevator maintenance companies, STEP released the Elevator Service Management System software (Elevator Service Management System) in 2007 on the basis of in-depth research on the needs of many well-known elevator maintenance companies in the industry. Combined with the rapid development of mobile Internet and Internet of Things technology in recent years, the STEP Internet of Things team has released a new version V2.0 of the elevator star Internet of Things platform in 2018. The new platform integrates the maintenance management module and optimizes it: adding location-based services, adding a mobile APP client maintenance module, reorganizing business processes, simplifying operation methods, and assisting maintenance personnel in daily operations , truly realized the electronic and informatization of maintenance documents. Next, let us enter the brand-new Elevator Star Internet of Things-Elevator Maintenance Module.



2. Maintenance work order

In the maintenance work order module, users can query the list of all maintenance work orders. The platform will automatically update and display the status icon and color of each maintenance item according to the execution status of maintenance operations, so that users can keep abreast of the implementation progress of each project in a timely manner.


List of Maintenance Work Orders

3. Maintenance plan

The "Add maintenance plan" is also more convenient. You only need to select the date and elevator to automatically create a maintenance plan according to the maintenance cycle of the elevator. Whenever a maintenance operation is completed, the platform will automatically create the next maintenance plan according to the previously set maintenance cycle, so as to prevent users from forgetting to create a plan due to forgetting.


Add maintenance plan 

After the maintenance plan is successfully created, the relevant documents will be automatically sent to the mobile APP maintenance work order plan list of the corresponding maintenance personnel.


Maintenance Work Order Planning

4. Maintenance operation process

The platform also provides operations such as security protection confirmation, selection of maintenance type, on-site sign-in, etc. Only after the above operations are completed can the maintenance operation process be started.


Maintenance check-in  



Maintenance type


5. Maintenance sign-in

When the maintenance checks in, the platform will check the location of the maintenance personnel and the elevator. If they are within 500 meters, the maintenance worker can perform the check-in operation, otherwise the check-in will not be completed. In this way, the maintenance operation specifications can be further guaranteed, and it is convenient for effective attendance management of on-site personnel.


use unit address  


Maintenance cannot sign in


6. Maintenance work

The mobile APP already contains the latest maintenance requirements, and automatically brings up relevant operation content according to the type of elevator and maintenance type, and the maintenance personnel will check it (subsequent confirmation of the corresponding maintenance content will be related to the elevator signal obtained by the Internet of Things) Correlation. If the relevant signal has not changed during the maintenance process, the corresponding maintenance content will not be able to be checked).


Maintenance content  

The mobile APP also provides electronic signatures for maintenance workers, as well as electronic signatures and evaluation operations for users. Relevant on-site photos can only be uploaded by taking real-time photos, so that the authenticity and reliability of the data recorded on the platform can be guaranteed.


user evaluation

When all the business processes are completed, the maintenance worker can complete the work on the mobile phone. The platform will automatically update the status of the maintenance order, allowing the internal management personnel of the enterprise to keep abreast of the progress of on-site maintenance operations.

The above briefly describes the relevant functions and business processes of the Elevator Star IoT maintenance management module. Compared with the previous ESMS maintenance management software, the new platform interface is more beautiful, the design is simpler, and the operation is more convenient. At the same time, it also supports mobile APP and location-based services, which promotes maintenance operations from online to offline. Combining online and offline, using multiple technical means to jointly ensure the safe and reliable operation of elevators. Elevator IoT, STEP is on the way…


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