The sewing machine is not used, but has evolved丨Zhongweixing template machine application case

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The sewing machine is not used, but has evolved丨Zhongweixing template machine application case

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Aunt Wang's house next door has an old-fashioned sewing machine, which is cleaned spotlessly every day. Old objects have been baptized by the years, and the culture and emotion contained in them have long surpassed their own value. Some objects may have withdrawn from life, but some are constantly evolving, just away from the public's sight.


vintage sewing machine 

Just like today's sewing machines are no longer what they used to be, pedal hand cranks are replaced by electric motors, which gradually liberate people from heavy manual operations, and are rarely used at home, but in factories. With the continuous development of the control system, the template machine, a fully automatic sewing equipment with better processing accuracy, production efficiency and stability, is rapidly being introduced into the market.


The evolution of the sewing machine

The template machine is a kind of general sewing equipment, which has the functions of lockstitch sewing machine and partial embroidery machine. Workers first cut various grooves on the PVC or acrylic board according to the size of the clothing, and then fix them on the template machine. When sewing, the groove opened in the front is the track of the thread, making the sewing more accurate and faster. This not only improves efficiency, but also reduces the defective rate and reduces the dependence on professionals. 

According to the person in charge of the template machine control system of Zhongweixing ( a member of STEP Group), the fully automated template machine has incomparable advantages compared with traditional sewing equipment. The template machine can undertake most of the sewing process, and its sewing quality is high. And it can continue to repeat sewing; it is convenient and fast to prepare templates and key operations; a worker without professional skills requirements can operate multiple machines, which is suitable for assembly line operation. With the popularization of automation equipment, the future textile industry will also develop from automation on-line to smart factory.

For the formwork machine market, Zhongweixing has launched the MTC500 series formwork machine control system. It provides multi-axis control, stepping and servo drivers can be configured according to different needs, and supports all kinds of mainstream spindle motors in the market. The processing speed can reach up to 3600 rpm. The system runs smoothly and the machine processing is stable. It is mainly used in clothing, Sewing and processing equipment for home textiles and car cushions.


Zhongweixing MTC500 template machine application case

MTC500 series formwork machine control system features

The system adopts dual-CPU control mode, and the two CPUs are respectively responsible for application layer data analysis and motion control algorithms, making the system move smoothly and with high efficiency; the pulse frequency can reach up to 4 megabytes, and the
processing and positioning accuracy is high;
the spindle servo is integrated inside the system, through The internal bus controls and monitors the spindle to truly realize fast, accurate and stable processing of the spindle; the
laser and brush functions adopt preprocessing methods to ensure smooth and stable acceleration and deceleration transitions during various trajectory changes, avoiding overshoot or missing processing.
The system adopts one-button operation, press the start button and the equipment will automatically work, and any abnormality in the processing process will automatically alarm and stop; the system has automatic
template recognition function, which can reduce procedures and workers, greatly improve efficiency, and conform to standardized operating procedures.

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