STEP robot won the "Golden Finger Award" again, shining in CIROS 2018

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  • Time of issue:2018-07-18 00:00

STEP robot won the "Golden Finger Award" again, shining in CIROS 2018

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  • Time of issue:2018-07-18 00:00

On July 3, at the China International Robot Industry Development Summit Forum and the "Golden Finger Award" 2018 China International Robot Annual Awards Ceremony, STEP won two "Golden Finger Awards" from CIROS again, and STEP President Cai Liang won the "Man of the Year Award" ", STEPSA1400 robot won the "Innovative Product Award".


Man of the Year Award丨2018 China International Robot Annual Selection

Cai Liang, president and chief researcher of Shanghai STEP Electric Co., Ltd., leads the progress of STEP in the fields of intelligent manufacturing and robotics. At the same time, he serves as the vice chairman of the China Robot Industry Alliance, the vice chairman of the Shanghai Robot Industry Association, the vice chairman of the Electrical Automation Professional Committee of the Chinese Automation Society, and the vice chairman of the Electronic Control System and Device Professional Committee of the China Electrotechnical Society. Specializing in the field of control and drive, he once served as the technical director of the national "Eleventh Five-Year" science and technology support plan project, obtained more than 20 national patents and software copyrights, and won Shanghai Invention and Creation Patent Award, Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award and other awards.


Innovative Product Award丨2018 China International Robot Annual Selection

As the main product of the STEP robot, the STEPSA1400 robot has excellent structural design and high repeat positioning accuracy. It is formulated for welding, assembly, grinding, cutting and other low-load process work, especially suitable for high repeatability, high precision requirements, harsh The application occasions of working conditions are widely used in auto parts, metal processing, machinery manufacturing and other industries.
STEP robot shines at CIROS 2018 

From July 4th to 7th, at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, STEP robots appeared at CIROS 2018, bringing multiple robot cases to the audience, and representing China's high-quality robots.

Born for screw locking——STEP robot screwing workstation

Customized structure: The robot is customized for the application of screw locking and disassembly, and the Z-axis is a screw driving machine, which fully reflects the importance of independently mastering the core technology of the robot.
Customized software: customized operation interface, troubleshooting and monitoring for locking screws.
Excellent performance: implement torque rotation angle detection in the whole locking process, and automatically judge and correct problems such as screw stuck, floating lock, sliding teeth, chute and other problems during the locking process. The locked beat is accurate, M0.6-M3, the beat is 1.5 seconds; M3-M5, the beat is accurate, M0.6-M3, the beat is 1.5 seconds; M3-M5, the beat is 1.1 seconds. The average time between failures of the structure exceeds 10,000 hours.


Work hard for robots to make robots——STEP robot assembly workstation

The robot assembly workstation for assembling robot reducers is equipped with torque feedforward and soft floating functions. The reducer is assembled in a tight fit, and the assembly gap is within ±0.02mm; if the robot encounters obstacles during the assembly process, it will simulate manual adjustments to automatically adjust the angle until the assembly is successfully completed.


STEP robot headlight gluing workstation

STEP robot masters the gluing process, and has developed a gluing software function package, which can realize high-speed and stable gluing operations. Affected by the frequent remodeling of automobiles, the batch size of automobile lights is small, and the glue application program is frequently adjusted. The offline programming function of STEP robot provides the possibility to realize the rapid switching of products.


STEP robot arc welding function package

The newly developed intermittent welding function package enables the robot to start arc, advance, stop, arc stop, and weld gradually during the welding process. All-position welding can be realized, the heat input is low, the weld seam is fish scale pattern, and the shape is very beautiful. It can meet the welding needs of thin plates such as vehicle frames.


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