Football · STEP | Unpopular, favorite?

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  • Time of issue:2018-06-21 00:00

Football · STEP | Unpopular, favorite?

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At 23:00 on June 20th, Beijing time, the second match of the second round of the World Cup Group A was held at the Rostov Arena. Uruguay beat Saudi Arabia 1-0, and joined hands with Russia, which also won both games.

Suarez, who represented Uruguay in 100 appearances, scored the only goal and became the first Uruguayan player to score in three World Cups.


Rostov, for most people, may be an unfamiliar name. It is the "Southern Capital" where the Don River flows quietly, and it is also a charming city for hosting the World Cup this year.



Rostov is located on the banks of the Don River (the Don River is the geographical boundary between the European and Asian parts of Russia) and has access to five seas (Azov Sea, Caspian Sea, Black Sea, Baltic Sea and White Sea).

The Rostov Arena will host the group stage and the quarter-finals of the World Cup. The stadium is located on the banks of the picturesque Don River in the city, and part of the north stand is an open-air stand, from which spectators can enjoy the beautiful Don River and city views.


Rostov Arena

Not far from the Rostov Arena, a local military academy in Russia, the STEPSA1800 welding robot successfully settled in the school laboratory under construction, and completed the system application of welding teaching. The whole set of welding equipment is equipped with a robot and two single-axis positioners, one of which is turned horizontally and the other is rotated in a plane.


STEP robot welding teaching application

Yekaterinburg is the fourth largest city in Russia, an important transportation hub, an industrial base, a science and education center, and an important military production base in Russia.


Yekaterinburg Central Stadium

Yekaterinburg Central Stadium is one of the 12 venues for the World Cup, and a total of 4 games are held here. Before the start of the current World Cup, the facilities of the venue underwent a comprehensive renovation and upgrade. Among them, 32 elevators were technically transformed, using STEPAS320 frequency converters and related electrical supporting products.


As a traditional industrial power, Russia's current demand for industrial robots lags behind the world average for the time being. STEP actively expands the robot market with the help of its traditional business advantages of elevator controllers in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. At present, many Russian companies have expressed their desire to cooperate with STEP robots, including many famous Russian military giants. China's intelligent manufacturing helps Russia's industrial modernization, and we are on the way.



STEP actively explores the Russian market


Finally, thanks to Professor Alexander Gritsyn for the World Cup commemorative coin!

The next game will definitely be more exciting

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