Bravely rescue those who fell into the water, give a thumbs up to STEP handsome guy!

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Bravely rescue those who fell into the water, give a thumbs up to STEP handsome guy!

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Bravely jumping into the deep pool to rescue the grandchildren who fell into the water
On the morning of June 3, the STEP Trade Union Federation organized activities to carry out team building activities in Tonglu, Zhejiang. In Daqishan National Forest Park, when passing a chain bridge, the bridge deck was wobbly. A grandfather holding his granddaughter couldn’t stand upright. The grandpa and grandson instantly fell into the deep pool under the bridge. The tourists exclaimed and shouted "Save people, save people!"

The grandparent and grandson fell into the deep pool under the bridge

Wang Hao, who was walking here, heard the shouts, ignored the shaking and danger of the suspension bridge, rushed to the river bank in a few strides, quickly took out his mobile phone and other items, quickly took off his shoes, and then jumped into the deep pool like lightning .

A ladder rescues a little girl

The grandfather who fell into the water could not swim and had already sunk into the water, but the grandfather still desperately held his granddaughter with his hands, and the granddaughter kept flailing in the water. Wang Hao swam over quickly, picked up the child, just saw the child's father jumped into the water, and passed the child to her father; at the same time, Song Jibo, Li Jiade and others from the STEP team were already following along. A ladder was set up on the river bank, and the child was quickly transferred to the bank. When she saw her mother on the bank, the terrified little girl burst into tears and hugged her mother tightly, refusing to let go.

The little girl nearly slipped off again

The most dangerous person at this moment is the grandpa who has sunk into the water. Wang Hao dived into the water again, grabbed his grandfather's belt from behind, lifted him up vigorously, and swam to the shore. With everyone's concerted efforts, grandpa finally reached the shore.

Grandpa was rescued from the water

When Wang Hao was the last to go ashore, the tourists applauded involuntarily, and the family of the drowning child kept expressing their gratitude to Wang Hao, but Wang Hao kept saying that it was nothing, it was what he should do. It wasn't until then that everyone realized that Wang Hao's toes and fingers were bleeding red. It turned out that he had cut his toes and fingers during the rescue. Everyone quickly found a band-aid and asked him to bandage the wound. Looking at Wang Hao who was drenched all over, someone suggested that he quickly go back the same way to change clothes, but because the road is narrow and there are many tourists, walking in the opposite direction will cause a lot of inconvenience to tourists, and finally Wang Hao decided to wear this wet clothes Continue to the following journey.

'Heart' pays tribute to heroes

At the rest place on the mountain, the lady proprietress of the barbecue restaurant was so touched that she rushed over with a big watermelon when she heard about Wang Hao's feat, insisting on giving the watermelon to the hero who saved lives. The members of the STEP team arranged the cut watermelon in the shape of a "love heart". Everyone gave a thumbs up to the brave man who saved lives, expressing their sincere respect.
Commendation for heroes who sacrificed their lives
to save lives On the afternoon of June 5, the STEP Federation of Trade Unions held a "Wang Hao Commendation Meeting for Saving Lives" at its headquarters in Shanghai. And the heroic behavior of the STEP team expressed deep respect!
Xu Jiansheng, director of human resources of the group, read out the company's decision to commend Wang Hao's heroic behavior: remember a great service for Wang Hao, and award bonuses and certificates. Mr. Xu said that the company will vigorously promote this kind of heroic feat of sacrificing oneself and saving others. With this spirit, they will devote themselves to the work and work together. STEP people will surely fulfill their mission and create success together.

Hero Wang Hao

At the event site, Wang Hao said that he did not expect the company to have such a commendation event, and he was very moved. It's not a big deal, I didn't think about it that much at the time, when I encountered it, I can swim again, so I have the ability to save them. This time, saving lives was not something I could do alone. Song Jibo, Li Jiade, and many STEP people who were present at the scene rushed to the front line very quickly, hand in hand, and worked together to save the grandparents and grandchildren in the best possible way. Rescue them ashore as quickly as possible and keep them out of danger.
I came to STEP shortly after graduating from university. The corporate culture of STEP has nurtured me. I am grateful to STEP for nurturing me and the company for its strong affirmation of this behavior!


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