Delivery robots will be mass-produced, JD.com STEP ushers in strategic cooperation

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  • Time of issue:2018-06-06 00:00

Delivery robots will be mass-produced, JD.com STEP ushers in strategic cooperation

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Mass production of Jingdong terminal distribution robots is coming soon! On the afternoon of June 5, Jingdong Group and Shanghai STEP Electric Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. The two parties will use their respective advantages to carry out strategic cooperation in the intelligent logistics industry to accelerate the application of intelligent logistics equipment and service robots, focusing on intelligent robots In-depth cooperation in manufacturing, especially in the mass production of terminal distribution robots.


▲JD.com signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with STEP

The signing of the agreement will help promote the large-scale mass production of JD's terminal distribution robots, meet the needs of scenarios where distribution robots are widely used under JD's smart logistics system in the future, and solve the "last mile" problem of urban distribution. Ji Yi, Chairman of Shanghai STEP Electric Co., Ltd., Cai Liang, President, Wang Shihai, Executive Director of SDIC Innovation Fund Investment Management Company, Tian Yongxin, President of Shanghai Xiaoao Xiangrong Automobile Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd., Xiao Jun, Vice President of JD. , Yang Jing, General Manager of the Autonomous Driving Center of X Division of JD Group, and others attended the signing ceremony.

Start the mass production process of distribution robots, and open up the interaction between robots and elevators

As a technology-driven enterprise, JD.com is actively deploying smart logistics and smart supply chain systems through the comprehensive application of artificial intelligence technology. Especially in the field of smart logistics, a series of smart robots such as unmanned vehicles, drones, and unmanned warehouses created by JD X Division have become an important attempt to build a smart logistics system and promote the large-scale application of robots. Especially in terms of distribution robots, since June 18 last year, JD.com has carried out normal operations in universities and parks in many places; Normalized logistics distribution.


▲JD’s terminal delivery robots have begun to move from campus and park scenes to socialized road operations

As an expert in electrical transmission and motion control, STEP is also one of the leading companies in China's robotics industry. Its business involves robotics and motion control systems, elevator control systems, energy saving and industrial transmission, and its products include industrial robots, Internet of Things, and new energy vehicles. Controllers, etc., have built a number of robot research and development and industrialization bases, through digitization, IoT, and intelligence, to create a highly competitive industrial robot mass production advantage in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

According to the cooperation agreement, JD.com and STEP will use their respective advantages in brand, resources, technology, etc. to complement each other's advantages. Through strategic cooperation and resource integration in the smart logistics industry, a complete set of logistics ecological environment will be established to accelerate smart logistics. Landing application of equipment and service robots.


The cooperation between the two parties mainly focuses on two aspects: the manufacturing of intelligent logistics equipment and the interaction between robots and elevators: On
the one hand, JD.com will accelerate the mass production and implementation of terminal distribution robots through the advantages of STEP in the field of travel and intelligent manufacturing in the field of robots
; On the one hand, STEP will give full play to its advantages in elevator control systems to meet the elevator interaction needs of Jingdong logistics distribution and service robots, and jointly promote distribution robots and service robots to bring more intelligent services to consumers.

The current delivery robots are mainly used in outdoor scenarios. If you want to deliver orders to the user's doorstep, you need to let the delivery robot learn a new "elevator" language so that the delivery robot can communicate with the elevator. When the delivery robot walks up to the elevator, the elevator knows that it is going to take the elevator and which floor it is going to, so that it can open the door and control the floor without pressing the buttons. The service robot launched by JD.com in 2017 has this ability. With the strategic cooperation between JD.com and STEP, the two parties will also carry out deeper research and exploration in the interactive technology of robot elevators. Provide mature and reliable technical solutions for distribution robots to walk more smoothly in buildings, so as to provide users with a better shopping experience. 

Continuously promote the large-scale application of technology, making technology the pillar force of future logistics distribution

At the just-held 618 JDCUBE conference, JD.com stated that it will use technology to expand a broader service space in the era of unbounded retail, and help JD.com to quickly realize the world's top five intelligent and innovative robots in terms of output value, research and development, and application scale within three years. The goal of the enterprise is to make the application scenarios of intelligent robots more extensive and bring about an overall improvement in social efficiency. The cooperation between JD.com and STEP has become another step for JD.com to accelerate the implementation of unmanned technological innovation.


As an important part of the smart logistics system, JD.com’s terminal delivery robots are already at the forefront in China in terms of technical verification and scenario verification. With the first mass production of delivery robots in China, it will not only help improve consumers’ logistics experience at the terminal, Promoting distribution robots to cover more people and solving the "last mile" problem of urban distribution will also help reduce the cost of distribution robots and realize large-scale applications in the future. The delivery robot will form the "best CP" together with the delivery staff to achieve faster delivery services and improve operational efficiency to meet the rapid development of JD.com's business.

"JD.com has accumulated huge technical potential in retail and logistics. With the mass production and use of more robots, it will explore more complete technical solutions and replicable business operation models, and promote unmanned and intelligent. Equipment is integrated into every link of JD’s logistics and distribution, making technology the backbone of future logistics and distribution,” said Xiao Jun, vice president of JD.com and president of X Business Unit. In the future, intelligent logistics robots, unmanned vehicles, drones and other intelligent equipment will be quickly implemented in Jingdong's logistics warehousing, distribution and other links, and will continue to accelerate large-scale applications.

Be open in cooperation and empower more partners. In the future, JD.com will not only provide large-scale application of robot products, but also provide more robot technology application solutions, greatly reduce costs and improve efficiency through the application of smart devices, bring qualitative changes to user experience, and contribute to the promotion of unbounded The advent of the retail era creates greater value.

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