Smart Technology Smart Elevator - STEP Participated in the 2018 China International Elevator Exhibition

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  • Time of issue:2018-05-08 00:00

Smart Technology Smart Elevator - STEP Participated in the 2018 China International Elevator Exhibition

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From May 8th to 11th, the 2018 China International Elevator Exhibition was held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). The exhibition is distributed in 5 exhibition halls from 4.2H to 8.2H, with an exhibition area of ​​135,000 square meters, more than 1,300 exhibitors, from more than 20 countries and regions in the world, and 121,000 professional visitors.

The STEP booth is located in Hall 7.2H. The theme of the exhibition is: Smart Technology, Smart Elevator.


STEP booth


STEP booth

Smart elevator, smart control solution

Taking the home elevator displayed on site as the carrier, STEP focused on the application results of new technologies such as face recognition, voice recognition, absolute encoder, and intelligent building transportation.


Elevator electrical system solution

The content displayed in this area is relatively rich, including control cabinets and integrated control cabinets that meet European standards; frequency converters, all-in-one machines; human-machine interfaces, wires and cables; intelligent debugging technology, elevator star Internet of Things, and escalator control systems. .

Today's social hotspot - the installation of elevators in old houses, STEP provides a professional system solution. With the increase in the number of elevators and their service life, the technical transformation of elevators in use is also the focus of attention of the industry. With 23 years of experience in elevator transformation, STEP has provided a complete solution for the technical transformation of the elevator electrical system.




Elevator Star Internet of Things V2.0

Robot elevator door panel automation production line solution

At present, the country vigorously advocates intelligent manufacturing, and the industrial upgrading of the elevator industry is also in full swing. STEP robot actively participated in this process, and designed and implemented elevator door panel automation production line, elevator car wall automation production line, shear punching automation production line, car bottom welding automation workstation, upper and lower beam automatic welding workstation and other projects for the elevator machine factory. According to statistics, among the partners in the elevator industry, the factories implementing the above projects have at least halved the number of people on the production line.

The STEP robot elevator door panel bending demonstration workstation exhibited this time attracted industry professionals to stop and discuss. The workstation demonstrates the workflow of magnetic splitting of elevator door panels, gravity centering, 2-side 4-knife bending, and unloading and stacking.


gravity alignment


robot bending

The above process can be adjusted according to different bending processes. Now some customers require riveting process for door panels/reinforcing ribs, etc., and customize personalized automatic production lines for door panels according to different needs of customers.

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