Set sail and start again ∣ STEP Group Zhongweixing Dongguan Songshan Lake Industrial Park project officially laid the foundation

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  • Time of issue:2017-10-12 00:00

Set sail and start again ∣ STEP Group Zhongweixing Dongguan Songshan Lake Industrial Park project officially laid the foundation

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  • Time of issue:2017-10-12 00:00

On October 10, 2017, the foundation stone laying ceremony of the Dongguan Songshan Lake Industrial Park project of Shenzhen Zhongweixing Technology Co., Ltd., a member of the STEP Group, was grandly held. STEP has built three robot R&D and industrialization bases in Shanghai, Kunshan, and Dongguan respectively, demonstrating STEP's ambitions in the field of intelligent manufacturing of industrial robots.



At the groundbreaking ceremony, STEP Group Chairman Ji Yi, Vice Chairman Yuan Zhongmin, Vice President and Chairman of Zhongweixing Zeng Yi, Vice President Hu Zhitao, Vice President Yang Lisha and other group leaders, Deputy Director Zhuo Qing of Dongguan Songshan Lake Management Committee and other government officials Leaders, partners of Zhongweixing, and employees of Zhongweixing attended together.

Ji Yi, chairman of STEP Group, delivered a speech. Zhongweixing joined STEP Group in 2013, focusing on the development of operation control and industrial robot business, providing a complete set of whole plant operation control solutions for domestic and foreign enterprises, and has gradually become a leading operation control company in China. solution provider. A number of technologies and products of Zhongweixing have reached the international advanced level. The integrated driving and control technology scheme proposed first has led the research and development of domestic robots to a new direction. The SCARA robot series products have become the first domestic brand.

There is still more room for Zhongweixing to grow. With the help of leaders at all levels in Songshan Lake Park and the support of friends from all walks of life, the Songshan Lake Zhongweixing controller industrialization project was officially launched. The planned land for the project is 21,000 m². With an area of ​​100,000 m², two scientific research buildings will be built, focusing on the expansion of operation control and robot business.

Well begun is half done! Our goal is to build Zhongweixing motion control and Zhongweixing robots into world-renowned brands based on the Songshan Lake project and relying on good park resources. Lofty goals make us never stop, and close goals urge us to keep making progress. Our groundbreaking ceremony today is the clarion call for our goals. With the care and support of leaders at all levels, the love and help of friends, and the efforts of all employees, we are full of confidence in the realization of our goals.


Zhuo Qing, deputy director of the Songshan Lake Management Committee, delivered a speech , thanking Zhongweixing for choosing the fertile land of Songshan Lake to develop the robot intelligent manufacturing industry here, and hoping that Zhongweixing's future can make this place shine. 

Zeng Yi, vice president of STEP Group and chairman of Zhongweixing, delivered a speech . After realizing Dongguan Songshan Lake's determination and attitude towards China's intelligent manufacturing and robot industry construction, Zhongweixing strengthened its confidence in investing here. In fact, after fifteen years of development, Zhongweixing has already established itself in the field of industrial robots. In another two years, a new Zhongweixing Industrial Park will emerge here. Zhongweixing will continue to uphold the spirit of "quality, taste, and character" to provide the most competitive brand robots for China's intelligent field, and for Made in China 2025 provides the most distinctive motion control system and provides comprehensive solutions for the world's Industry 4.0.

"In the future, industrial robots with an annual output of 10,000 units will be manufactured here, and motion control systems with an annual sales volume of 100,000 units will set sail here. Everyone is happy, and we will start from here and go to the world!" Zeng Yi's speech was full of fighting spirit .


Zhongweixing Dongguan Songshan Lake Industrial Park Project

Shenzhen Zhongweixing Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 and joined STEP Group in 2013. As a leading provider of motion control solutions in China, Zhongweixing has established four major product systems of motion control, motor drive, CNC applications and industrial robots. The company's products are widely used in industrial robots, printing and packaging, metal processing, textile household, electronic equipment, special machine tools and other fields, becoming a representative brand in the application field of motion control industry. In the "2017 China's domestic SCARA robot enterprise competitiveness ranking TOP10" released by GGII, Zhongweixing SCARA robot ranked first.

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