STEP Robot ∣ Supporting the "Rixunda Cup" industrial robot competition

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  • Time of issue:2017-07-18 00:00

STEP Robot ∣ Supporting the "Rixunda Cup" industrial robot competition

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  • Time of issue:2017-07-18 00:00

"Lexunda Cup" Industrial Robot Competition
On July 16, the 2017 Shunde District Vocational Skills Competition - "Lexunda Cup" Industrial Robot Competition was held in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. The event is sponsored by the Civil Affairs and Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Shunde District, co-organized by Rexunda Robotics and Shunde Robotics Association. 40 contestants from enterprises in the area participated in the competition, and the competition site was set at the Rexunda Training Center. Foshan TV Station uses the form of webcast to share the exciting moments of the competition in real time.


Foshan TV live broadcast

STEP robot - the competition designated robot
STEP SA1400 robot is the designated participating robot for this competition. The competition adopts the form of practical operation, focusing on handling and palletizing programming + jigsaw puzzle placement. Contestants need to complete the programming and debugging of the robot handling application program, and use the teach pendant to operate the robot to complete grasping, palletizing, and avoiding obstacles. Arrive at the designated position to complete the corresponding action, and evaluate the quality of completion by the speed, precision and accuracy of the action.


STEP robot performance before the competition

The competition is fierce and the winner stands out.
In the competition, the contestants all showed their housekeeping skills and fully demonstrated their professional skills and professional demeanor. After a whole day of fierce competition, 15 contestants finally stood out. Among them, Feng Jinyuan, Wu Shouyong, and He Ziwen won the first place in this competition and were awarded the title of "Post Technical Expert in Shunde District". Four companies including Guangdong Lixunda Robot System Co., Ltd. won the "Excellent Organization Award".


Players' game scene

As we all know, industrial robots have been included in the national strategy of Made in China 2025, and it is also an industry that Shunde vigorously supports and develops. Robot application talents are highly sought after by enterprises. The event came into being, and through the form of competition, it encourages the emergence of more skilled players to promote the rapid development of enterprise transformation. 

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