Platformization, customization, integration, and specialization丨STEP showcases new solutions for the lifting industry

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  • Time of issue:2017-05-08 00:00

Platformization, customization, integration, and specialization丨STEP showcases new solutions for the lifting industry

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  • Time of issue:2017-05-08 00:00

From April 28th to 30th, the 3rd China Lifting Equipment Expo was grandly held in Changyuan, Henan, the "hometown of lifting". Debut at the exhibition.

STEP Exhibits

STEP exhibited AS.C/100 series European-style crane dedicated controller, AS600 hoisting dedicated inverter, AS610 European-style hoist dedicated inverter, AS700 engineering inverter, general-purpose low-power inverter, Internet of Things platform, etc. , to meet the different needs of customers in the lifting industry in an all-round way.



The audience enthusiastically visited丨Lifting inverter products

New electrical solution for European cranes

Aiming at the problems of high cost, complex production process, cumbersome wiring and difficult standardization of traditional electrical design solutions, STEP has created a new electrical solution for European cranes.
· Electric control system: AS.C/100 series European-style crane special controller
· Hoisting mechanism: STEPAS600 hoisting special frequency converter
· Large and trolley operating mechanism: STEPAS610 hoist special frequency converter


STEP solution

The STEP solution directly reduces the size of the cabinet by 30%, saves many electrical components, and has a higher degree of integration. The application of AS610 low-power inverter has brought the new technology of WIFI wireless debugging to industry customers, which improves the safety of debugging, and the powerful APP function also brings customers a new debugging experience, making the debugging work more efficient and convenient; AS. The C/100 controller is connected to the STEP-driven IoT platform, which opens a new window for the intelligent IoT of cranes, and perfectly demonstrates the power of big data.

Driving IoT Platform 

The drive IoT platform is a specialized platform specially designed by STEP for the crane industry. The Internet of Things products have an important impact on the realization of intelligent factories, which greatly improves the technological content of cranes and is conducive to the development of the crane industry in the direction of intelligence and informationization. Drive the Internet of Things platform to realize crane monitoring, remote fault diagnosis, maintenance push, big data storage and analysis, product and customer information management, etc., opening the era of big data for cranes.


IoT Platform Operation Interface丨IoT Demonstration Platform

The ice cream cooling station with the STEPSD series of high-quality robots as the core protagonist, dedicated to the STEP Inverter Changyuan Exhibition, brought a touch of coolness to the 30-degree lifting hometown in early summer, and attracted a large number of visitors to line up at the STEP booth and linger.


Robot - Ice Cream Cooling Station

At this exhibition, the professional audience showed great interest in the new European-style lifting solution exhibited by STEP, and had in-depth technical exchanges with the STEP professional team. Platformized, customized, integrated, and specialized, STEP inverters are always committed to providing more in-depth and even subversive integrated drive and control solutions for the hoisting industry, making contributions to Made in China 2025.

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