STEP high-speed elevator solution

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  • Time of issue:2017-05-02 00:00

STEP high-speed elevator solution

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With the development of cities and technology, high-rise buildings are increasing day by day. The demand for safe, energy-saving and efficient vertical mobile vehicles is increasingly obvious. After several years of hard work, STEP has established a complete high-speed elevator drive control system to provide you with a full range of technical support, allowing you to experience the joyful feeling of high-speed vertical lifts in a safe and comfortable environment.


System features
Maximum elevator speed: 10m/s
Maximum floor: 64 floors
Support multiple operation schemes: single elevator, parallel connection, common group control, destination floor group control
Support energy feedback, more energy-saving and environment-friendly
Control system and drive system CAN-BUS communication is used to transmit data to ensure precise running speed control
. Absolute encoder scheme:
1. Absolute position is used to never correct the floor     
2. No need for strong and slow switches, leveling switches, and door zone switches
3. Support UCMP (no need Open the door panel in advance)
4. Simple and convenient installation and maintenance
5. Support stroke reduction, conform to SIL3 certification
Comply with TSG T007-2016, GB7588-2003+XG1-2015


The high-speed elevator control system of STEP , a classic project , has been successfully applied to many landmark high-rise buildings at home and abroad, with stable and reliable performance.


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