STEP robots show their skills in automated operations

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STEP robots show their skills in automated operations

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China International Machine Tool Exhibition
April 17-22, the fifteenth China International Machine Tool Exhibition was held in Beijing · China International Exhibition Center. As one of the four most influential exhibitions in the machine tool industry in the world, this exhibition focused on the latest achievements of Chinese and foreign companies in intelligent manufacturing and Industry 4.0, and once again became the focus of the global manufacturing industry.


automation workstation

At the exhibition, STEP robots combined with American Hardinge machine tools to form an automated work island. The work island uses a STEPSA1800 robot. The robot takes 5 seconds to pick and unload materials inside the machine tool, and 15 seconds to take and unload materials outside the machine tool; the machining beat of the CNC lathe is 60 seconds, the machining center beat is 80 seconds, and the overall cycle beat is 180 seconds. The STEP robot perfectly cooperates with the CNC lathe and machining center, and the whole production process realizes unmanned operation.
Qingdao Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition
is full of beauty in April, and the cherry blossoms in Qingdao begin to bloom. From April 19th to 21st, at the Qingdao International Expo Center by the Huiquan Bay, STEP robots joined forces with many well-known pharmaceutical machine manufacturers in the industry to appear at the 53rd (Spring 2017) National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo and the 2017 (Spring) China International The Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo showcased a variety of robot products launched by STEP for pharmaceutical automation.

Palletizing station at the end of the packaging line

At the booth of Longyan Machinery, the STEP high-speed handling and palletizing robot SP120 is applied to the palletizing station at the end of the packaging line, achieving a stable beat of 900 times per hour, which meets the palletizing requirements of most pharmaceutical companies. As an intelligent robot product, SP120 can be connected to MES and ERP systems, which is beneficial for enterprises to realize unmanned operations and improve the level of intelligent manufacturing.

SCARA robot on the production line

At the Hualian, Huake, Haixiang, and Haibang booths, STEP's Zhongweixing SCARA robot was exhibited, which was applied to the transfer station of the production line such as ampoules, blister trays and cartoning, with a stable cycle rate of 45 cycles/min.
Robot·Intelligent technology·Future factory
STEP robot, integrates scientific and technological wisdom, and contributes to Made in China 2025.

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