Ingenuity, smart cooling, green and win-win丨STEP inverter appeared at China Refrigeration Exhibition

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  • Time of issue:2017-04-17 00:00

Ingenuity, smart cooling, green and win-win丨STEP inverter appeared at China Refrigeration Exhibition

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From April 12th to 14th, the 2017 China Refrigeration Exhibition was grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Shanghai Sigliner STEP Motor Co., Ltd., with the theme of "ingenuity, smart cooling, green, and win-win", appeared at the 2017 China Refrigeration Exhibition, not only Bring new products such as liquid-cooled on-board inverter cabinets, inverters for low-harmonic centrifuges, drive modules for light commercial inverters, and inverters for new energy vehicle-mounted air conditioners, and present《Application of Motor Control Technology in the HVAC Industry "Technology sharing.


STEP booth


STEP inverter series products


The audience discusses and interacts with STEP people


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The STEP inverter series products not only demonstrated their own strength, but also attracted great attention from the industry. Zhang Zhaohui, secretary-general of China Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Industry Association, visited the booth. He watched each exhibit with great interest and praised STEP as an excellent representative of domestic inverters. own due contribution.


Zhang Zhaohui, Secretary General of China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association, visited the booth

The exhibition brought a good opportunity for colleagues to discuss and cooperate. Danfoss (China) R&D Director Qian Kun and other technical experts came to the STEP booth to communicate and discuss with STEP people.


Hu Zhitao, vice president of STEP, and Qian Kun, R&D director of Danfoss (China)

China Industrial Control Network (gongkong.com) made a live report and interviewed Jin Xinhai, the dean of STEP Academia Sinica/General Manager of Shanghai Singlina STEP Motor Co., Ltd. "Reviewing the research and development history of the HVAC industry, we have to look at two lines." Jin Xinhai said, "One is the research and development of the STEP core platform algorithm, which has been updated to the third-generation platform, which is the biggest competitive advantage of STEP. It is precisely based on the main line platform of this core algorithm that STEP has another product line for the HVAC industry. At present, STEP HVAC products are divided into three major sectors: one is large central air-conditioning products, and the other is new energy Air-conditioning products for buses, and light commercial products."


General Manager Jin Xinhai warmly welcomes customers

On the morning of the 13th, STEP held a technical exchange meeting entitled "Application of Motor Control Technology in the HVAC Industry" in the E1-M14 conference room. Dr. Chen Wei, deputy director of STEP Central Research Institute, gave a speech. He introduced STEP's high-efficiency solutions, wide operating range solutions, low-noise solutions, environmental protection solutions, and high-reliability solutions for the HVAC industry.


STEP exchange meeting

At this year's China Refrigeration Exhibition, the STEP booth was full of enthusiasm and popularity. We believe that with strong R&D strength and complete industry solutions, STEP will have great achievements in the HVAC market.

China Refrigeration Exhibition, we will meet again in Beijing in 2018!

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