The STEP handling and palletizing robot is ready for the packaging industry

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  • Time of issue:2017-04-07 00:00

The STEP handling and palletizing robot is ready for the packaging industry

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Just like everyone's expectations for the new year, domestic robots are indeed a scene of "machinery" in 2017.

Known by the industry as one of the "Four Small Families" of domestic industrial robots, STEP moved frequently and continued to exert its strength in the first quarter of this year. After co-hosting the South China Integrator Fortune Summit with Guangdong Rexunda Robot System Co., Ltd. in South China in January, on March 31, STEP Robot once again held an integrator promotion titled "STEP Soma Conference" at the Shanghai factory headquarters Yes, we will push the SP series of high-quality palletizing robots for the packaging industry that have been tested by the market for one year.

At the press conference, Meng Li, Secretary-General of Shanghai Robotics Industry Association, senior executives of STEP Robotics, Yang Xiaodong, general manager of Zhongwei Xinghua East Region, and representatives of integrators, all attended the meeting and made speeches on stage. Everyone unanimously expressed their expectations for the development of domestic robots.


Cai Liang, General Manager of STEP Robotics, delivered a welcome speech

Mr. Cai Liang, vice president of STEP Electric and general manager of STEP Robot Company, believes that handling and palletizing is generally considered to be a relatively simple part of robot applications, but it is not the case in reality. It has profound technical background, precise system control and strong craftsman spirit. General manager Cai Liang also pointed out that after several rounds of PDCA cycles of "R&D and production-field application-summarization and improvement" and the practice tests of multiple projects, the STEP handling and palletizing robots are now ready, and more and more integrated Merchants and users will choose STEP robot products with higher cost performance.


Meng Li, Secretary General of Shanghai Robot Industry Association

Secretary-General Meng said that domestic substitution of industrial robots is a development trend, and STEP robots are promoting the demonstration application of domestic industrial robots in the packaging industry, which marks that STEP has taken a solid step towards the field of large-load and high-speed palletizing robots, and will surely become an industry leader. the leader.


Zang Qunbang, general manager of Shandong Jingang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., spoke on stage as an integrator representative

Mr. Zang Qunbang, general manager of Shandong Jingang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., who has been an agent of foreign brand robots for many years and focuses on system integration in market segments such as palletizing and loading automation in the bag packaging industry, introduced his mental journey of gradually turning to domestic brands. He said that after years of observation, the STEP robot has been able to fully meet the handling and palletizing conditions, and has strong system advantages in research and development capabilities, technical level, sales support and after-sales service. This is what he is willing to cooperate with STEP root cause.


At the meeting site, a group of integrators "Bole" fell in love with the "Maxima" SP120 among the handling and palletizing robots promoted by STEP. It is understood that a total of 17 system integrators from across the country signed contracts with STEP robots and obtained STEP authorized integrator certificates. According to Dr. Zhang Minliang, director of STEP R&D, this type of robot adopts the R&D strategy of benchmarking international brands, and has made significant progress in product performance, stability, man-machine interface and operation convenience. SP120 robot laboratory test rhythm can reach 1900 cycles/hour, and the actual palletizing cycle can reach 900 cycles/hour stably. Its performance is comparable to that of imported brands, but its price and service are more competitive.

STEP executives said that STEP robots will continue to track the project progress of cooperative integrators, provide robot use training and on-site support for integrators, and help partners successfully implement projects.


Participants visit the STEP workshop

After the meeting, STEP opened the production workshop to the participants, and displayed the SP series high-speed handling and palletizing robots, allowing everyone to visit and understand the production process and processing technology of STEP robots at close range. Many integrators expressed that after participating in this event, they have further strengthened their confidence in cooperation with STEP, and at the same time they are more optimistic about the future development of domestic robots.

In the context of rising labor costs, the automation trend of China's manufacturing industry is becoming more and more obvious, especially in the handling section of overweight packaged finished products. Therefore, many manufacturing companies that originally relied on labor have chosen to introduce robots to replace traditional labor. This also means that the development space of handling and palletizing robots is very broad. What is more noteworthy is that the packaging industry has high requirements on the rhythm and stability of robots. If the domestic robots are well prepared in these two aspects and control the cost well, then in the subdivided field of the packaging industry, Must have a place.

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