STEP 2016 Annual Summary Conference and 2017 Spring Festival Gala held grandly

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STEP 2016 Annual Summary Conference and 2017 Spring Festival Gala held grandly

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The bell of the new year is ringing again. When this warm and warm atmosphere comes again, on January 19, the STEP2016 Annual Summary Conference and the 2017 Spring Festival Gala were grandly held in the lecture hall of STEP Shanghai Siyi Road Factory. Ji Yi, Chairman of STEP at the STEP Annual
Summary Conference, first delivered a speech and said: In the past year, the external environment has been ups and downs. Seeing that everyone has not forgotten their original intentions and moved forward bravely, what supports us?
It is a commitment to customers, a sense of responsibility to all shareholders, and the power of our shared dreams. New year and new hope, Chairman Ji Yi said: First, STEP has domestic electrical business divisions, robots, motors, cables, Zhongweixing, Xiaoao, Huitong, Yixin and other subsidiaries, and abroad has subsidiaries in Germany, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. , Brazil and other subsidiaries, we hope that each subsidiary will form a unified corporate culture and form a strong synergy effect under the common dream. Second, we hope that our products, services, and energy will be well received by customers. We want to be a good company with a brand, a reputation, and a sense of responsibility. Third, I hope that all employees will show the determination, confidence and perseverance of starting a second business. In the past 20 years, the STEP entrepreneurial team has made great efforts and spent a lot of good time to achieve the current achievements. I hope that everyone can learn this hard-working quality, and have the spirit of dedication and not afraid of suffering. The company now needs more responsible persons to contribute to the realization of our common dream, we are family
! The conference commended 9 outstanding employees of STEP in 2016. They perfectly interpret STEP's corporate values ​​of integrity, innovation, and excellence in their respective positions. Under the company's strategic deployment, they have achieved excellent work performance and won praise from internal and external customers. They are Wang Ding from Xiaoao Company, Wang Qiang from Robotics Company, Shi Yanliang from Zhongweixing Company, Dongyucheng from Zhongweixing Company, Xu Fengjin from Cable Company, Xing Hui from Motor Company, He Fan from Huitong Company, Li Aran from Yixin International, and Lu Ning from Electrical Division.


STEP award-winning outstanding staff

Lu Ning delivered an award acceptance speech on behalf of outstanding employees. He expressed his gratitude. First, he thanked the company leaders for giving him the opportunity to transform from a research and development engineer into a front-line production manager; second, he thanked all his colleagues who supported him. The excellent results are The fruits of everyone's joint efforts; third, thank the company leaders for their encouragement and support, so that he has enough platforms to display his personal ideas. In the end, he concluded that although the role has changed a lot and the challenges are great, but after learning the knowledge of lean production, he should constantly challenge himself in life and have the courage and determination to overcome difficulties. He expressed his willingness to join hands with everyone in 2017 to achieve greater success .


STEP excellent project award-winning team representative

The outstanding STEP projects in 2016 are the product cost reduction project, the Otis electromechanical special system, the sales promotion of mechanical products, and the first breakthrough project of the intelligent production line of the six-model welding platform. The award-winning projects have all been closed and achieved outstanding performance in 2016, fully demonstrating cross-departmental collaboration capabilities, and demonstrating good project management capabilities such as planning, organization, and coordination.

STEP Spring Festival Gala

After the commendation meeting, the STEP Spring Festival Gala - 2017STEP Spring Festival Gala will be held. The passionate opening dance "Dancing Youth", the cheerful and funny dance "BANG BANG BANG", the pleasant and warm song "She Said", the wonderful magic show "Playing Cards", and the unique and innovative dance "Little Dance Forest" , the soft and delicate classical dance "Drunk Face Red", and the majestic "Song of STEP", each program has its own characteristics and connotations, which not only reflect the youthful vitality of STEP people but also highlight STEP's corporate style.




Opening Dance-Dancing Youth





song - she said


Magic Show - Playing Cards



Dance-Xiao Wulin


Classical Dance - Drunk Face Red


Chorus - Song of STEP

We start from STEP and never forget our original aspiration. On the way forward, we strive to innovate and move forward bravely. Step by step, our dreams will come true here.
Heroes make the times! In this great era full of changes, in the process of intelligent manufacturing promoting the transformation from Made in China to Created in China, we coincide with historical opportunities, and we will definitely make a difference!
Tonight is full of joy, and the Ming Dynasty will start again. Let us go hand in hand to create a brilliant STEP and write a beautiful chapter in 2017.


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