STEP and Castrol officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement

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  • Time of issue:2022-09-29 00:00

STEP and Castrol officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement

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  • Time of issue:2022-09-29 00:00

On September 26, STEP, a domestic high-quality industrial robot brand and a leader in intelligent manufacturing, and Castrol, a century-old lubricant international brand with a pioneering and innovative spirit, formally entered into a strategic partnership.

Mr. Chen Huafeng, Vice President of STEP, and Mr. Zhang Zhiqiang, President of Castrol China, signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties at Park Hyatt Shanghai. "Digital"-oriented, intelligent upgrading, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement are the core of this strategic cooperation. The two parties use their own advantages and resources to truly help the intelligent transformation of China's industry and work together to achieve the goal of industrial digitalization.


On-site signing map

In fact, the two companies have joined hands to explore the restart of the industry after the epidemic, and Castrol also visited the STEP smart factory for on-site inspections. Through continuous exchanges and in-depth understanding, the two parties reached a highly consistent development direction, expressing the vision of carrying out all-round strategic cooperation in the intelligent transformation of the robot industry and the lubricant field, and achieving long-term win-win and common prosperity.

Gather potential for "wisdom" and joint development

In the post-epidemic era, China's manufacturing industry, which is gradually coming out of the haze, needs to develop digital transformation to rapidly promote the process of intelligentization of China's manufacturing industry. Restructuring the entire manufacturing industry is not easy. STEP has a deep insight into industry trends and needs, and seizes opportunities to rise to the wind. With its own technical advantages and industry experience, it actively cooperates closely with all parties in the industry chain to gather momentum and win-win.
As a national innovation and high-tech enterprise, STEP has always paid attention to independent research and development, has a complete product line of motion control, electrical control, robot technology, etc., has a deep technical accumulation in the field of motion control, and has been providing intelligent solutions for the public service industry. solution. Castrol provides a variety of advanced lubricating oil solutions to effectively deal with the lubrication problems in the production process, and has become a widely recognized lubricating oil solution partner in the industry.


Mr. Jin Xinhai, President of STEP

Talking about the strong alliance between Castrol and STEP, Mr. Jin Xinhai, President of STEP, said: "In the future, STEP and Castrol will share the resources of the whole industry chain and carry out in-depth cooperation in product technology research and development and testing. Extensive cooperation. The two parties will give full play to the advantages of resources and scientific research in their respective fields, and enhance the R&D and application of intelligent products and the joint development of advanced manufacturing projects through various forms such as technical exchanges, joint development, and technical services. .”


Mr. Zhang Zhiqiang, President of Castrol China

Mr. Zhang Zhiqiang, Global Vice President of Castrol and President of China Region, said: "The growth and application scope of domestic robots are also developing rapidly. This is the first time that we have reached a strategic cooperation with STEP, a domestic robot giant, which is very important for Castrol's deployment and planning in the domestic robot industry. It is a milestone. We not only provide high-quality robot-specific lubricant products, but also use Castrol’s superior resources in robot-applied end customers, such as well-known car companies and new electric vehicles, to explore new businesses with STEP and work together to promote both parties in the world. The high-quality development of the comprehensive service field contributes to China's intelligent manufacturing."

Reduce costs and increase efficiency to achieve a win-win situation

Through this important cooperation, STEP uses the project as a carrier to create an intelligent manufacturing system by using industrial robots in batches to achieve the purpose of improving product quality and reducing manufacturing costs. Efficient intelligent automation is inseparable from excellent lubricant solutions and technical support. Castrol has been deeply involved in the research of industrial lubrication technology for many years, among which is the advanced robot lubrication solution specially developed for industrial robots.

STEP industrial robots will use Castrol’s new generation of industrial robot-specific lubricant Optigear ALR X1. Castrol products’ excellent test performance on many reducers will assist STEP industrial robots to help end customers’ industrial upgrading. ALRx1, as a robot lubricating oil product, will provide better lubrication protection for the robot reducer than the traditional Japanese grease products currently on the market. It will also have great convenience and provide customers with a more convenient maintenance process.


STEP robot and operation control products

In addition, STEP has been deeply involved in 3C, lithium battery, photovoltaic, construction machinery, metal processing and other fields, and is also constantly consolidating and expanding its leading position in elevator control systems and developing the elevator aftermarket, which is highly consistent with Castrol's long-term business focus. Through strategic cooperation, it is easier for both parties to develop a broad market. At the same time, STEP will rely on nearly 30 years of experience in the design, manufacture and integration of automobile body-in-white, and together with Castrol will look forward to the potential market of new energy vehicles. The development of the new energy industry is conducive to the company to improve the industrial chain layout, improve the company's core competitiveness and profitability, and is in line with the company's upstream and downstream integration strategy.

The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement is at a critical moment for the intelligent transformation of the entire industry, which is in line with the future development direction of the two brands, and it is also a critical moment for the intelligent transformation of the entire industry. Driven by R & D and innovation, seize the opportunity of breakthrough, transform the digital intelligent future, create a win-win situation for both companies, and finally realize the strategic goal of "powerful country with science and technology".

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