STEP Receives Capek Heavyweight Award

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  • Time of issue:2021-09-22 00:00

STEP Receives Capek Heavyweight Award

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  • Time of issue:2021-09-22 00:00

From September 14th to 16th, the 11th China International Robotics Summit Forum and the 7th Capek Awards Ceremony were held in Wuhu. STEP was invited to participate in the conference, and more than 600 top experts and enterprises in the field of robotics and intelligent manufacturing Executives gathered in Wuhu to conspire for a new future of robotics and intelligent manufacturing.

STEP won the "Value Brand of the Year 2020" in Capek

On September 14, at the "Capek Award" award ceremony known as the Oscar of the robotics industry, STEP won the heavyweight award of Capek - the "2020 Annual Value Brand" award. The award speech of the conference pointed out that: the quality of STEP robot products has won the favor of users and market recognition; STEP has shaped the benchmark of high-quality robot brands in China and will lead the development of the robot industry.


It is reported that The Capek Prize aims to set a benchmark for leading companies with strategic vision in the robotics industry, and make a model recommendation for companies with innovative capabilities in the industry. As an important witness and promoter of the development of the robotics industry, the Capek Award has always adhered to the selection principles of "fairness, justice, and high standards" and is committed to setting a benchmark for the robotics industry. It has become one of the most credible and influential awards in the industry. one.

Since the establishment of the Capek Award in 2014, STEP has been recognized by the judges and experts every time for 7 sessions. It has successively won awards including the Technology Innovation Award and the Best Sales Award, and has become a frequent visitor of Capek.

Zhou Guangxing's Discussion on Digitization and Focused Segmentation

On September 15th, at the 11th China International Robotics Summit Forum held concurrently with the Capek Awards Ceremony, Zhou Guangxing, vice president of STEP and general manager of the robotics division, delivered a speech and shared STEP's digitalization and focus on subdivision. Apply practical experience.


Zhou Guangxing said that STEP has formulated and implemented a digital strategy, and has used its years of accumulation in the product layer, technology layer, and discipline layer, and adopted digital twin technology to establish the first domestic CAVE laboratory that has been put into operation, using virtual simulation and virtual debugging. , 3D laser scanning and other advanced technologies, took the lead in solving the industrial problems faced by complex intelligent manufacturing projects such as design defects, long debugging cycle, and high project failure rate, and successfully delivered robot manufacturing robot production lines, elevator control system assembly production lines, and intelligent toilet seat assembly. Landmark projects such as production lines have led the application of digital twin technology to new heights in China.

He pointed out that it is precisely because of the high focus on the rapid development of the automotive industry market in the past few decades that the international first-line brands in the robot industry have achieved iconic success. Taking history as a mirror, in the general industrial market with a large number and a small amount, Chinese robot brands must highly focus on the rapidly developing sub-sectors and pay attention to the demonstration effect of leading companies in the industry, so that Chinese robot companies are expected to truly rise. He also shared the application cases of STEP in Haier, Kao, Foxconn, Lens and other well-known international customers.

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