Holiday must-see | STEP palletizing robot has penetrated into your daily life

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  • Time of issue:2021-05-01 00:00

Holiday must-see | STEP palletizing robot has penetrated into your daily life

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Labor Day is coming as scheduled,
we ushered in a 5-day long holiday,
relax and enjoy the long holiday,
a glass of wine in the past, half a cup of tea in the floating life
However, the must-see holiday recommended today
is the truth that many people don’t know:
the robot is on your side around.

Nowadays, the holidays are getting longer and longer, the labor force is getting less and less,
and our quality of life is getting higher and higher.
The reason why this can be done
is because of the improvement of the level of intelligent manufacturing and
because STEP robots are working day and night. .
Below, please follow the lens of the editor
to understand how the performance and operation of international brand STEP palletizing robots
take care of our daily life...


Clothes * Palletizing robot application in textile industry

Clothing materials are inseparable from textiles. Walking into a textile factory, in addition to seeing groups of spinning machines humming in the textile workshop, you will have the opportunity to see STEP robots in the packaging workshop picking up the The cartons are neatly stacked. Robot work seems easy and comfortable. If you have the opportunity to go to the workshop in summer, the high temperature of 40°C is common. The workers are sweating profusely when they are not working, and they have to move thousands of boxes over 30kg every day. To free people from hard and heavy work and lead a more decent life, STEP has a long way to go.


Packing and palletizing of chemical fiber products


Sewing machine panel palletizing

Application of food * palletizing robot in food and drug industry

Food is the most important thing for the people, and there are seven things to open the door, firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea. These materials are needed daily, so they are bulky materials with a huge output. Especially in factories producing livelihood materials such as rice, noodles, oil, and fodder, robots were introduced earlier due to their large output and fast pace, but they are basically dominated by foreign brands. In the field of large-load robots, due to the high technical threshold, domestic robots are rarely involved. STEP is determined to break the monopoly of foreign brands, devotes itself to research and development, and has made great progress in the algorithm of robot dynamics. It has achieved 1200 bags/hour, and its performance is comparable to that of international first-line brands.

Seeing is believing, let us see the hard core strength of STEP palletizing robot 1200 packs/hour.


See the picture below to see what other foods STEP robots have produced for us.


Rice palletizing


Bottled water palletizing


Soy milk palletizing


Drug palletizing


Live * The application of palletizing robots in the building materials industry

With the process of urbanization, our living conditions are becoming more and more livable and happy. Happiness comes from hard work, and behind the livability lies hard work. Let's take a look at the daily floor of the packaging workshop, where the robot works.


Floor palletizing  


See the picture below to see what other building materials STEP robots have produced for us.


Tile palletizing


Valve pipe fitting palletizing


Application of * Palletizing Robot in Express Industry

As a modern person, if you don't open a few express boxes every week, your life seems to be a little less enjoyable. In 2020, the national express delivery will exceed 80 billion pieces. Such a large quantity cannot be completed by relying on manual work. STEP robots combine machine vision and algorithms to implement unordered depalletizing, replacing workers with heavy labor with precise and efficient work.


Logistics palletizing

Due to space limitations, this time we only introduce the performance of STEP, the leading robot company in China, and the palletizing robots of international brands. In addition to palletizing robots, STEP also has arc welding robots with leading performance, high-efficiency bending robots, market The number one SCARA robot... If you want to know more, please follow the STEP WeChat official account, we will continue to update.

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