Servo system Application cases in the chip machine industry
Servo system Application cases in the chip machine industry

Applications:3C Electronics Industry

Keywords:Servo system application

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Detailed introduction

Applicable industries

The application industry that needs high performance of short distance rapid acceleration and deceleration of servo motor such as SMD machine, labeling machine, dividing machine, etc., and the general performance industry must also be applicable.

Product supply range

200V class servo: 100W-3kW (only 100W-1.5kW for plastic case E series)
400V-class servo: 750W-22kW (only iron-cased E series servo)

Industry application highlights

1, high positioning accuracy, good time response: in the placement machine industry, to a manufacturer using, for example, positioning accuracy can reach 2.5um (, 0.009 degrees, 25 parts per million of the motor a turn), motor fast start-stop 0.2 turn positioning accuracy within 2.5um time response of 29ms, than a foreign well-known brands and domestic well-known brands optimal positioning accuracy and time response, respectively, to improve 2um and 6ms. The highlight can significantly improve the efficiency of the placement machine and product quality.
2, industry-leading servo core algorithm, more excellent output efficiency.
3, professional servo development capabilities: to provide high reliability hardware, professional and perfect control algorithms and other complete electronic control solutions, commissioning, support and service.
4、 E series servo can drive the servo motor installed with Tamagawa, Nikon, Heidenhain, Sick, Panasonic, ABZ or rotary change.