STEP's voice-activated elevator paging solution


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Detailed introduction



The emergence of the epidemic has led to new thinking about contactless elevator rides. As a kind of contactless elevator ride, voice-activated elevator paging has gained wide attention and become popular on the internet. As a professional elevator service provider, STEP upholds the concept of continuous innovation and has unique thinking about the technology and application scenarios related to voice controlled elevator hailing. Through the unremitting efforts of STEP's technical team, the products with STEP's characteristics of voice-activated elevator hailing solution have passed the stability test and will be launched to the market soon.


System Block Diagram 


Program Features

1. integrated voice control device in the COP.

2. local off-line voice recognition with fast response.

3. Wakeup words and floor registration words support customization.

4. Effective suppression of echo, excellent sound control interaction effect.

5. support passive response and active inquiry two kinds of voice-activated interaction

6. The voice control device can control the lighting, music, air purification or disinfection equipment in the car.

7. the voice control device can be integrated with the five-party intercom subcom of the cabin to realize the integration of voice control interaction and intercom function.

8. The program can be combined with smart phone calling program and achieve complementary advantages.