STEP Face Recognition Paging Solution
STEP Face Recognition Paging Solution


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Detailed introduction


With the development of artificial intelligence technology, face recognition has been applied in access control, gates and other scenarios. In the contactless elevator application scenario, face recognition elevator hailing as a novel permission hailing means has gained wide attention from users. Combining with the advantages of its own control system, STEP in-depth research on face recognition elevator calling technology and deep excavation on its application scenarios. After a series of product validation tests, a face recognition elevator solution with NewSky's characteristics was born.


System Block Diagram

Solution Features


1. Installing face recognition integrated machine in the appropriate position in the car, and interacting with the system by means of communication to realize the authority to call the ladder.

2. supporting dynamic anti-counterfeiting, effectively filtering static photos and other deceptive means.

3. with excellent night recognition effect.

4. supporting both LAN and cloud deployment modes.

5. supports massive local face photo and recognition record information storage

6. with fast recognition response mechanism and fast registration of the destination floor.

7. supports stranger detection and can capture and save live photos

8. can obtain elevator fault information, and can capture faces in cloud deployment mode to achieve trapped event determination and alarm, helping emergency rescue.

9. The program can be combined with smart phone elevator calling program and achieve complementary advantages.