Elevator Star IoT settled in Fengxiang community
Elevator Star IoT settled in Fengxiang community

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Detailed introduction

Elevator is like a car, it has become a part of people's daily behavior as an indispensable vertical transportation in their lives. However, with various elevator accidents being exposed, elevator safety has become the topic of people's tea time.
Fengxiang community has a total of 12 districts, which is a multi-room residential area with high-rise apartments, multi-story houses and various villas, a new community with an elegant environment, diverse population and a concentration of talents. It contains 3 high-rise elevator communities, and elevator safety management has always been our priority.
The Law of the People's Republic of China on Special Equipment Safety, which officially took effect on January 1, 2014, has put forward higher requirements for the safe operation of elevators. The Shanghai Municipal Government also promulgated the "Shanghai Elevator Safety Management Measures" in the form of a government decree on February 27, 2015, and has been officially implemented since April 1, 2015, which clarifies the responsibilities and obligations that all parties related to elevators should assume to ensure elevator safety.
So, how exactly do we improve elevator safety in our communities? How can we ensure the smooth implementation of safety regulations such as the Law of the People's Republic of China on Special Equipment Safety and the Shanghai Measures on Elevator Safety Management in our community work?
In 2015, Fengxiang community actively explored the new mode of "Internet+" community service, and made efforts to build a "smart community" with the new initiative of benefiting the people, facilitating the people and supporting by information technology. Ltd. and decided the solution of elevator IOT technology to solve the safety problem.
The Internet of Things is the product of combining traditional elevator technology with modern information technology. It is a network that connects objects with the Internet and exchanges information to achieve intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, management and authorized information sharing of objects.

Elevator Star Internet of Things is a perfect combination of elevator technology and Internet of Things technology, which uses advanced data collection technology and cloud platform technology to connect elevators to the Internet and consists of multiple parties such as elevator manufacturing units, elevator maintenance service providers, relevant government regulatory departments and elevator operation and use units. By realizing the combination of individual management and common management of elevator safety, quality and service, the participating parties share the cloud knowledge base and jointly participate in elevator management, in which each role will benefit, and it is a multi-win-win information platform, and its promotion and influence on the elevator industry will be pivotal.
Obviously, Elevator Star Internet of Things is also a practical practice of the concept of "smart community" and a cell in the "smart community", taking the residents of the community as the core of the service, providing safe, efficient and convenient intelligent elevator services for the residents to fully To meet the survival and development needs of residents.
Elevator Star Internet of Things around the elevator to ensure the safety of community residents, providing multiple convenience for life: 1.

1. monitoring the safe operation status of elevators.

Through the Elevator Star IOT platform, community property and other management departments can remotely view the elevator operation and internal video monitoring information of the cabin in real time.

2. Elevator fault alarm.

Once the elevator malfunction, the elevator star IOT platform immediately sends alarm information to the elevator maintenance, community property and other related departments and personnel, notifying them to go to the scene in time to deal with the malfunction and rescue the trapped people.

3. Shutting down human voice video to pacify.

While sending alarm information, the screen installed inside the car will also immediately play a calming voice video to tell passengers not to panic, wait for rescue and not to save themselves blindly to avoid secondary accidents.

4. Elevator monitoring and supervision.

Many elevator failures occur because elevators are not maintained in accordance with national requirements. With the help of Elevator Star Internet of Things, properties as well as communities can view the maintenance of each elevator, the annual inspection information of elevators, the progress of elevator fault handling, supervise the daily work of maintenance enterprises and improve the level of service management.

5. Convenient information release.

The multimedia screen inside the car releases electronic community notices as well as announcements in real time, avoiding the waste and confusion caused by printing and posting of traditional paper documents, and creating a green and environmentally friendly neighborhood. The multimedia screen is also a rich information platform, which can provide time, real-time weather forecast, elevator operation information, domestic and international news, and convenient living service circle around the community, greatly enhancing the happiness index of community residents.

At the beginning of 2014, led by Jiading District Quality Supervision Bureau, with the assistance of Fengxiang community, Jindi property and relevant maintenance enterprises, Shanghai STEP Electric Corporation and notify relevant personnel to deal with it, which guarantees the safety of community residents and improves the quality of community services. Leaders of relevant departments at the city and district levels have also come to the site many times to investigate the use of the elevator and have given high praise.
At present, Fengxiang community plans to continue to cooperate with STEP, to be able to expand the pilot scope, to make the elevator Star IOT a powerful weapon to practice elevator safety regulations and build a smart community, to benefit more community residents, and to make a replicable and extendable people-friendly project, so as to enhance the level of smart community services in Fengxiang community.