Star Internet of Things Tianshan Yijing Yuan Pilot
Star Internet of Things Tianshan Yijing Yuan Pilot

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Detailed introduction

I. Community Overview

Tianshan Yijing Yuan is located in Tianshan District of Changning District, starting from Weining Road in the east, leaning on Haiyi Apartment in the south, reaching Shuangliu Road in the west and relying on Suzhou River in Changning Road in the north. The whole district contains high-rise and small high-rise buildings, all of which are ordinary apartment houses, with a total of 17 units and 1,452 total households.

II. Pilot installation situation

There are 72 elevators in use in the district, with the distribution of 12-18 floors. Since the installation of elevator Star IOT products in April 2014, a total of 737 elevator failures have been recorded as of August 15, including 10 failures of shutting down people and 727 failures of elevator stopping; 627 maintenance failures have been recorded. The average arrival time of elevator emergency repair is 57.3 minutes, among which the average arrival time of shutdown failure is 18.9 minutes. A total of 1,671 alarm messages were sent.
Since the use of more than a year, the number of failures has been significantly reduced, the arrival time of failures has been shortened, and the maintenance workers can respond more quickly and arrive at the scene in time to deal with them.
 The total expenditure of all hardware equipment and corresponding service costs is 60,000 Yuan.

III. In order to better serve elevator passengers, Elevator Star IOT currently supports a variety of interactive functions.

1. Passengers can scan the QR code posted inside the elevator car to view the annual inspection of the elevator, the latest maintenance time and other contents, and jointly supervise the safety of the elevator.

2. At present, we are communicating with the properties to install LCD screens inside the elevator cabs to display the elevator floors, operation direction information, as well as safety instructions and community notices. Once the elevator fails to trap people, it can also automatically play a reassurance video to prevent secondary injuries caused by blind self-help.