Curing Parkinson
Curing Parkinson's" - Sigriner Multi-Axis Intelligent Drive Empowers Parallel Robots



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Detailed introduction

Sigriner multi-axis servo case application

A parallel robot is defined as a closed-loop mechanism in which the moving and fixed stages are connected by two or more independent kinematic chains, and the structure has two or more degrees of freedom and is driven by means of parallel connection.

The parallel-connected robot ensures a lightweight design of the moving part by means of motors placed on the fixed platform, which can achieve light weight, high speed, and fast beat. Combined with vision detection system and dynamic gripping, it is widely used in food, medicine, electronics and other light industries, and has unparalleled advantages in material handling, packaging, sorting, etc., substantially improving the production efficiency on the assembly line.


1 Main structure of the equipment

A common parallel robot is a four-axis machine as shown in the figure below, capable of the functions of translating along three spatial X, Y and Z axes and rotating around the Z axis. Its mechanical structure is directly connected to the main arm through a motor connected to a reducer, and the main arm is connected to the secondary arm through a limiter, and there will be a fourth axis on the fixed platform or on the moving platform for rotation around the Z axis. When moving, the motor drives the main arm to swing up and down within a certain angle, and drives the secondary arm to realize the precise positioning action of the moving platform.

2 Ωm-N1 Servo Drive

The solution adopts Sigriner Omega m-N1 series multi-axis servo drive. The system adopts EtherCAT bus communication, based on DC bus power architecture, supports multi-drive unit cascade power supply, and three-axis integration and four-axis integration can be flexibly customized to meet different application scenarios.

3 Main structure of the equipment

System configuration diagram

Through-wall mounted servo

The main configuration of the solution is shown above. The robot control system is connected to the Ωm-N1 drive via EtherCAT bus with Delta robot's 1, 2, 3 and 4 axes respectively under the drive. The one-button rigidity adjustment function enables simple and fast system responsiveness debugging, reducing the debugging time for customers. With the drive's 3x overload capability and hardware current loop response, 200 beats/min can be guaranteed under standard gating test motions. The excellent tuning algorithm can effectively reduce the jitter generated by the mechanical body in high-speed operation.

With its excellent power density, the Sinead Omega m-N1 product can reduce the installation volume by about 30% compared to servos of the same power, and it is installed through the wall to further enhance the cabinet space and improve the protection level of the electrical cabinet.



4 Problem solved

Intelligent drive, one key rectification

One-touch self-tuning function

Self-adjustment of completed parameters

As shown in the figure, with the one-key self-tuning function built by the Omega platform, customers can easily complete the self-tuning operation, and the tuned parameters directly meet the requirements of the equipment, which significantly reduces the debugging time of the field users.

Specialized in the treatment of mechanical "Parkinson's" disease

With the excellent trajectory shaping algorithm of Omega platform, the current fluctuation in the operation of the equipment can be effectively reduced with the help of shaping algorithm under the same control instruction. In more than 200 times of high-speed beat operation can still ensure the smooth operation of the machine, thus extending the life of the machine body.

Multiple protection, peace of mind

When parallel machinery is running at high speed, due to the high speed running beat, if there is a lack of excellent safety protection function, it may cause serious collision in case of accident. omega platform series servo has dynamic braking, vertical fall, command abnormality, anti-drop and other protection functions, which can protect customer equipment and personnel to the maximum extent in case of accident and reduce the loss caused by accident.

5 Program Summary

The Ω platform servo uses the standard 402 protocol and is capable of working with the mainstream control systems on the market, including Keba and other robot control systems.

Compact size to meet customer customization needs

Sinina Omega m-N1 drive can perfectly match the parallel robot configuration, small size in one hand can save the electric cabinet space for customers, choose bracket mounting, can further compress the installation space to meet the customization needs of customers.

Dynamic braking to avoid flying car collisions

With the help of the dynamic braking function, avoid collisions due to abnormal instructions or actions that lead to uncontrolled flying of the system.

Hassle-free trial, save commissioning time

Matching self-recognition motor can eliminate the trouble of customer debugging, only a rigid parameter can meet the different response requirements of customers, and significantly shorten the rectification time.