Ωm-N1 servo robot system miniaturization application
Ωm-N1 servo robot system miniaturization application

Applications:Cell phone industry

Keywords:SCARA Robot

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Application Notes:Self-disturbance technology and vibration suppression technology are applied during debugging to speed up the debugging progress, which is more recognized by customers. In response to the customer's needs, we have also added the function of emergency stop for abnormal encoder conditions, and the function of steady-state robot stop in case of sudden power failure, which is effective in actual application and reduces the damage of the robot in some abnormal conditions in the field.

The core control index is outstanding: multi-axis single chip control solution, synchronous control performance increased by 60%, the system core adopts FPGA hardware current loop control, bandwidth 3.5kHz, outstanding control performance.

Split cooling:It adopts the design that can be installed through the wall, heat dissipation and electrical control are completely separated, and the protection level of the cabinet can reach IP54 to meet the end customer's demand for miniaturization and high reliability of the system.

Safety soft holding technology: it can reduce the power consumption of holding brake by more than 40%, significantly reduce the heat of motor, and speed up the response time of holding brake closing, which improves safety and reliability while reducing energy consumption.