Higher utilization rate and lower operating
Higher utilization rate and lower operating


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Detailed introduction

With excellent control performance and unique pump application macro, it has won the trust of many pump partners, especially in the application of deep well submersible pump which has set the industry benchmark and won high praise from customers.


Recently, a water supply plant in Shanxi selected 13 sets of AS180 series 90kW frequency converters for the transformation of deep well pump drive project, replacing the original soft start system with frequency converter drive. The rated power of the original system deep well pump is 75kW, rated head is 320m, flow rate is 50m³/h. The pump is 200m underground and the ground is an oversized cistern, which provides purified tap water for the city residents after treatment.




High operating costs due to low energy efficiency of the original system:


 ■Manual judgment and operation of the number of pump starts according to the reservoir level, with high labor costs;


■The use of soft starters for many frequent starts and stops, the mechanical impact on the pump and motor affects the service life of the deep well pump system, the pump maintenance cycle is short and the workload is large;


■ Winter night water demand is small, in order to avoid the freezing of water pipes, the pump frequency operation super liquid level overflow resulting in water waste;


■After the soft start, the pump runs at industrial frequency, with high energy consumption and low energy utilization.


Frequency converters make energy use more efficient and lower operating costs:


■ The pipeline network is equipped with pressure transmitters with level collection and comparison logic, and PID control by inverter to achieve automatic speed control operation, reducing manual intervention and more efficient system operation;


■ Inverter start is smoother, reducing the impact on the pump, motor and pipe network, lengthening the pump maintenance cycle and reducing maintenance costs;


■ Frequency control ensures the stability of water supply flow and pressure to avoid water wastage caused by frozen water pipes and high liquid level water overflow in winter;


■ Inverter adjusts the flow rate of the pump by adjusting the rotational speed, and the precise control is more energy-saving。



>Recommended inverter series for Xinshida deep well pump


>Technical characteristics of inverter for Xinshida deep well pump

■ A variety of customized models are available, including high protection IP55, integrated drive and control, and backpack mounting;

■ Compatible with program upgrades to drive various permanent magnet synchronous motors;


■ Integrated pump control logic module, constant voltage control, constant current control, constant frequency control logic easy to drive control;


■ A variety of parameters application macros, according to the application requirements of the control device directly call;


■ Unique GVC control mode to improve control performance, increase output torque and drive pumps more easily;


■ Built-in high-efficiency motor protection logic, short-circuit protection, motor overload, blocking protection, water shortage protection, overpressure protection, etc., to protect the stable operation of the pump。