Announcement on recruiting channel partners for some STEP products

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  • Time of issue:2022-05-13 00:00

Announcement on recruiting channel partners for some STEP products

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  • Time of issue:2022-05-13 00:00

Shanghai STEP Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995 with a registered trademark of STEP. It is a high-tech enterprise supported by the state and a national innovative enterprise. In 2010, it was listed on the A-share market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock abbreviation: STEP, stock code: 002527.


In order to better expand the market and share the opportunities of domestic substitution with more dealers and integrators, STEP will launch a partner recruitment activity for the company's operation control, frequency conversion, and robot products from now on .


1. Recruitment scope of distributors


1)  Recruitment areas: provinces, capital cities, municipalities directly under the Central Government and subordinate prefecture-level cities across the country.

2)  Industry scope: dealers and system integrators engaged in automation and robotics products, services, and technology promotion.

3)  Recruit authorized products:


Operation control (PAC+servo)

Robot (six axis + SCARA)

Elevator electrical comprehensive solution (limited to the elevator service market)


2. Rights and interests of distributors


1)  Domestic first-line automation brand reputation.

2)  Perfect customer reporting management system and channel promotion system.

3)  Cooperate with channels to carry out marketing activities and share market flow with channels.

4)  Provide buyer's credit or financial lease to high-quality channels.

5)  STEP regularly schedules classes to provide technical training to various channel providers to reduce the cost of enterprise technology development.

6)  Certified engineers and marketing activities enjoy rebate policy.


3. Product introduction


1) Inverter




EP6/ET6/EH6 Intelligent Flexible Driver


■ Constant power, constant torque variable frequency drive, support STO function
■ High motor adaptability, free of debugging
■ Clear bus standard and expansion space
■ High-precision position loop control
■ EMC/EMI control capability
■ Motor open-loop/closed-loop vector control



AS180 general purpose inverter


■ High motor adaptability, free of debugging

■ Thick coating of PCB effectively isolates water vapor and dust and prolongs the service life of the inverter

■ Small size, optional LCD operator

■ First-line luxury configuration of core components to improve product stability

■ Using the latest special algorithm for I/F constant current control, the failure rate is greatly reduced



2) Motion control



Ω6 series servo


■ No debugging, powerful performance, ready to use out of the box

■ Speed ​​loop bandwidth 3.5KHZ, current loop refresh frequency 1MHZ

■ EtherCAT bus synchronization jitter<1us

■ 115% continuous load operation, 350% instantaneous overload

■ WiFi wireless connection

■ Gantry double drive, high-speed probe, flying camera

■ Support rotary, linear, DDR motors



SC series controller


■ Codesys platform, supports EtherCAT bus and multi-channel pulse control

■ Platform, modular, easy to expand

■ Short cycle, high precision

■ Abundant algorithms and technology package integration


3)  Robot



► Six-axis industrial robot


■ The product load covers 3-165 kg, and the arm span of the working range is 500mm~2580mm

■ Using high-precision servo motor and reducer, high repeat positioning accuracy and long service life

■ Model-based dynamic self-tuning control algorithm to ensure high-speed operation and smooth path

■ Fully autonomous control system, which can realize rapid customization and support secondary development by users

■ A variety of advanced application function packages, easy to use, to meet various application requirements such as welding, palletizing, bending, handling, assembly, etc.



►SCARA robot


■ Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.01mm

■ Track following, terminal vibration suppression

■ AR language, offline teaching, PC debugging

■ Complete range of products, load from 3KG-50KG

■ Auxiliary axis can be added


You can fill in the form below for the specific channel provider plan and ask us for it!



Finally, I look forward to cooperating with you, let us work together to promote Chinese manufacturing to occupy more space in the global high-end value industry chain.


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