@Agricultural customers, the PD110 inverter is here

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  • Time of issue:2022-05-06 00:00

@Agricultural customers, the PD110 inverter is here

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In April 2022, although the spring is warm and the flowers are blooming, and the friends are handsome and handsome, they can't see the flowers blooming. Because of the new crown, most of Shanghai is still closed. Therefore, once we unblock, we must redouble our love and construction of our homes, and love flowers, trees and green plants.


We should care about food and vegetables and plant them carefully. But did you know? 90% of agricultural production needs water for sand fixation and soil cultivation. However, the surface water source is in urgent need, and a large area of ​​land is facing the risk of desertification.



How can we, as earth dwellers, contribute something to the earth?


From the cooperation between STEP and TOP enterprises in the water industry for more than ten years, it has been found that the area of ​​agricultural irrigation is wide. In order to meet the requirements of comprehensive irrigation and energy saving and carbon reduction, there is often only one distribution box next to the farmland and vegetable field that can supply power, which requires a frequency converter. The motor cable is placed very long.


This requirement is an important feature of Pidi 110: the whip can be reached. Its arm (inverter output cable) is allowed to be extended to a distance of 500 meters and still run stably and reliably. Of course, behind it is the continuous upgrade of STEP's powerful Boshuo R&D team in terms of algorithms, as well as updated iterations in device selection and product design. Such a long arm means that the water pump driven by Pidi 110 has a larger irrigation radius, the moving distance of agricultural machinery can be shorter, and the electricity and oil can be saved. Converted to carbon emissions, it can strongly support emission reduction Target.


How can the frequency converter used for irrigation be afraid of water? Pidi 110 itself is a small body, with an IP55 protection level, it is not afraid of rain, it can withstand low-pressure sputtering from any angle without any impact, and it can also resist the attack of normal concentrations of dust and insects.


It is normal for agricultural power supply to have unstable voltage. Generally, the frequency converter can only deal with the power grid fluctuation of more than 10%, that is, stop the machine and stop the water supply. This is very unfriendly to the continuous production of agriculture. Pidi 110 is very good at resisting power grid fluctuations. Relying on the strong current support capacity of the busbar, it can also overcome instantaneous power failure in extreme cases, and it can overcome dangers. So that customers do not have to turn back 500 meters to restart the inverter.


The majority of civilian customers probably don't have time to learn the maintenance knowledge of frequency converters, to study the meaning of the parameters of frequency converters, right? STEP 's industry experts have already considered customers. For most civilian frequency converters, the friendly operation interface and function settings of Pidi 110 are clear at a glance, basically free of setting, programming, and debugging. It is fast and convenient to connect and use immediately. If there is a special application, press Pidi's cute little face (man-machine interface), you can rely on guidance, and simply change a few numbers to complete the configuration.


The design of Xiaopidi has comprehensively considered the application scenarios of various water pumps, and supports a variety of motor types commonly used in the market, including asynchronous motors, synchronous motors, and synchronous reluctance motors.


PD110 inverter has the following capabilities:


1. Operation mode key: Support multiple working and operating modes, constant pressure water supply (constant pressure mode), constant current output (constant current mode), constant speed (constant frequency mode) are all easy to use, one-key switching, easy to use ;

2. Reverse key: The motor wiring is misplaced, so you don’t have to worry about reversing, one-key switching, easy to handle;

3. Float key: According to the level of the water level, it can automatically start and stop the control; or through the short circuit, it can realize the self-starting function of the incoming call; parents don’t have to worry anymore;

4. Timing button: Xiaopidi has its own timing function, which can realize timing start or stop. It doesn’t matter if the farmer’s uncle is busy.


In addition, according to the application scenarios of the water pump, water shortage protection, stall protection, phase loss protection, overload protection, etc. are specially designed ; the constant pressure water supply mode also has a constant pressure sleep function , which can sleep when the tap is turned off to achieve energy saving. The effect; there is also protection for the disconnection of the pressure sensor . It can only be said that the thoughtful design and comprehensive protection are worth having!


PD110 inverter has the following features:


1. IP55 high protection;


2. Super long-distance motor control drive, up to 500m;


3. Ultra-wide input power supply, minimum support 250VAC, no derating above 300VAC;


4. Easy-to-use operation interface, multi-functional and convenient one-key switching: forward and reverse, floating ball, timing function, constant voltage, constant frequency, constant current operation mode switching, etc.


Pidi 110 has different sizes (specifications), covering 0.75kW to 22kW; Pidi 110 is not only a naughty little guy who is smart enough to understand the inner needs of users, but also a little guy who doesn't like getting sick and cold, but loves spring and greenery.



Dear customers, this kind of product is dedicated to water intake control of water pumps in various occasions such as civil, agricultural, building sewage, sewage treatment, municipal engineering, residential quarters, farmland irrigation and exploration mines, especially for high-speed deep well pumps. ,How do you like it?


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