Amar robot settled in Meiya Jingting Hotel, using technology to help upgrade hotel services

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  • Time of issue:2022-02-08 00:00

Amar robot settled in Meiya Jingting Hotel, using technology to help upgrade hotel services

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  • Time of issue:2022-02-08 00:00

  The demand of in-house guests to order food delivery has increased. During the peak dining period, we have to deliver food, answer the phone, and check in... Various trivial matters make people overwhelmed. After the Amar robot took up the post, it took on a lot of tedious work, which brought us real convenience.


  The staff at the front desk of Shanghai Meiya Jingting Hotel


  This is what she said about her "new colleague"




  △The hotel's new waiter "Amar Robot"


  Since January this year, Amar has officially become a member of the waiters at Shanghai Meiya Jingting Hotel. Her main job is to welcome guests in the lobby, display hotel promotional videos on the screen, guide guests to the rooms, and deliver food to the rooms. According to the front desk of the hotel, Amar has to go back and forth more than 50 times a day just for the job of delivering food. On weekends, she can be seen constantly shuttling and tireless.


  Shanghai Meiya Jingting Hotel is located on Hongde Road, Jiading District, Shanghai. It is a mid-to-high-end hotel with the theme of cafe culture. The classic Central European century decoration is full of strong retro atmosphere. The addition of the Amar robot brought new sparks from the collision of retro literature and art and artificial intelligence, and added technological attributes to the hotel.




  Before hiring Amar, the relevant staff of Shanghai Meiya Jingting Hotel were subject to trivial and heavy work every day. After Amar joined the job, he replaced the waiter and took care of everything from welcoming guests at the front desk, parade promotion, room guidance to pick-up and delivery. Service, working energetically 24 hours a day, automatically charging when the battery is low, freeing manpower to provide more quality services, not only improves the happiness of employees at work, but also improves the service quality of the hotel.


  When a guest enters the hotel, Amar will take the initiative to say hello, bringing freshness to the guest at the first time. When approaching this "new hotel attendant", he will be attracted by the promotional video played on the screen. The hotel's room type, room facilities, Special meals and other information at a glance.




  After checking in, what should I do if I don’t know the way? Don't worry, the Amar robot will take the guests to the elevator entrance, and accompany the guests to take the elevator upstairs, all the way to the door of the guest room. The Amar robot has a powerful guiding function. She has built a map of the entire hotel in her mind and knows the layout of the hotel well. Whether it is a guest room, restaurant or other facilities, she can easily lead the way for the guests and take them to the destination. go home.




  Of course, the most commonly used function of the Amar robot is to deliver items. When a customer orders takeaway or needs other supplies, the front desk staff only needs to place the items in her storage compartment, select the corresponding room number, and she can deliver the goods by herself. Take the elevator to the door of the room, intelligently dial the phone number of the room, and the guest can pick it up after opening the door.



  This is the daily work of Amar Robots. With technology as the engine, service is the essence. Amar Robots brings more convenience and efficiency to the service of Shanghai Meiya Jingting Hotel. It uses intelligence to comprehensively improve service efficiency and help improve hotel service quality. , Let guests have a better living experience!

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