In the era of the epidemic, Elevator Cloud protects your safe travel

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  • Time of issue:2022-02-07 00:00

In the era of the epidemic, Elevator Cloud protects your safe travel

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  • Time of issue:2022-02-07 00:00

  During the Spring Festival holiday, the flow of people has increased, and the situation of epidemic prevention and control is still severe and complicated. The narrow space for taking elevators and inadequate protection measures can easily cause cross-infection.


  Elevator cloud six "tips"

  Use technology to help prevent epidemics

  Keep safe year!


  The new crown pneumonia epidemic has attracted great attention from the country, and a series of prevention and control measures have been taken to prevent the spread of the virus. Emergency measures can be taken to shut down fixed public places for prevention and control, but for small vertically mobile public places like elevators, if a large area is shut down, it will affect the basic life of residents. Of course, when the epidemic prevention and control needs to be upgraded urgently, the batch shutdown of elevators for a period of time also needs to be considered. Elevator Cloud has experienced several years of development, and its conventional performance has attracted widespread attention in the elevator industry. With the gradual increase in the distribution of Elevator Cloud-related products and the gradual increase in their impact, how can Elevator Cloud stimulate more potential performance when emergencies such as epidemics occur?


  1. Accelerate the promotion process of on-demand maintenance. After the launch of the guidance document for on-demand maintenance, many places have proposed plans to promote pilot programs. The elevator cloud technology can realize elevator failure warning and remote inspection of elevator operation status, which can extend the on-site maintenance cycle, shorten maintenance time, and greatly reduce the chance of elevator maintenance personnel being cross-infected. On the basis of the existing portable EOCD, the integrated 24-hour online EOCD on the car top will be launched soon. It will be connected with the elevator cloud terminal in the machine room to realize remote collection and cloud analysis of vibration data and elevator operation data, which can effectively improve the troubleshooting efficiency of on-site problems. Promote the on-demand maintenance process.




  2. Provide effective technical means for the interaction between smart devices and elevators. The command interaction between the service robot and the elevator is realized through the elevator cloud interface, which facilitates the service robot to take the elevator and realizes contactless services, such as hotel meal delivery service, hospital drug delivery service, etc.; Induction calls and other means can avoid manual touch buttons, realize non-contact elevator rides, and cut off the transmission path of touch. The Amal service robot launched by STEP provides non-contact services for hotels and other industries. Its UVC deep ultraviolet disinfection lamp beads can be disinfected regularly to ensure the safety of users delivering and picking up objects; It solves the problem of no contact between the elevator outbound call and the whole process inside the car, and effectively guarantees the safety of taking the elevator.




  3. To ensure the safety monitoring and maintenance of medical elevators in special periods and quick response. During the epidemic, the frequency of use of medical elevators will increase significantly, and the probability of problems will increase. Through the elevator cloud technology, the medical elevators in the hospital can be monitored intensively. When there is a problem with the elevator, it can quickly send out an alarm and locate the problem, so as to quickly start the maintenance work and remove the obstacles of the vertical life passage at the first time. The elevator cloud terminal, EOCD and other products launched by STEP cooperate with the elevator cloud platform, which can achieve pre-warning and post-warning, and can effectively monitor the safe operation of medical elevators.




  4. Establish an elevator disinfection registration mechanism. Similar to maintenance registration, elevator disinfection registration can be taken into consideration through elevator cloud platform management and control technology. The elevator cloud platform can not only assign disinfection tasks to relevant responsible persons, but also obtain the completion status of elevator disinfection and disinfection time, which is convenient for statistical management and responsibility tracing, and effectively guarantees a healthy elevator environment. In the case of meeting the elevator disinfection requirements, it is also conceivable to remotely control the relevant disinfection equipment to perform disinfection operations through the elevator cloud platform. Based on the STEP elevator cloud terminal, the data link between the disinfection equipment and the elevator cloud platform can be opened up to provide product support for the scientific management of disinfection equipment.


  5. Remote authority elevator control. Consider the highest authority call registration for emergency elevator floors, realize remote authority dispatching of elevators, and complete emergency vertical transportation tasks. For elevators with sudden outbreaks, the elevators are locked remotely and quarantined and disinfected to ensure that the elevators are restored remotely after the safety measures are completed. For those who need to stop a large number of elevators after the management and control upgrade, the remote control method can be used to efficiently stop the elevators in batches at the last point in time when the announcement is released. Based on the STEP elevator cloud terminal and the supporting cloud platform data interface, this function can be easily realized.


  6. AI recognition technology assists elevator application. In the elevator scene, AI technology can be combined with functions such as people counting, identity recognition, crowding degree recognition, matching mask recognition, etc. to help prevent and control the epidemic. The AI ​​identification system to be launched by STEP Elevator Cloud integrates AI identification, video surveillance, elevator operation data collection, help alarm and other functions, and can assist in tracking close contacts of confirmed cases in the surrounding environment of elevators and provide effective data for epidemiological investigations support.




  Combined with the recent epidemic situation, from the perspective of the elevator cloud, several solutions are given in emergencies such as the epidemic situation. At the same time, STEP hereby appeals to the elevator industry to deeply learn the lessons of this epidemic, strive to improve the technical level, and contribute effective technical strength to the prevention and control of the epidemic. From smart elevators to smart communities and then to smart cities, use the elevator cloud technology to lay out and jointly build a safe fortress for epidemic prevention and control.

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