On May 28, 2022, CCTV 1 news network reported STEP

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  • Time of issue:2022-05-31 18:07

On May 28, 2022, CCTV 1 news network reported STEP

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  • Time of issue:2022-05-31 18:07

On May 28, 2022, CCTV 1 news network reported on STEP.



Xinhua News Agency reported

Xinhua News Agency reported: Shanghai STEP robot super factory has kept production since the outbreak of this round of epidemic. "Wu Yuhui, director and general manager of Shanghai STEP Electric Co., Ltd. said, "As of May 27, the production capacity of STEP's four factories in Shanghai, including the robot super factory, has returned to 75% to 85% of normal production capacity . "



STEP actively resumes work and resumes production to fight the epidemic

In order to ensure the safety of production and operation during the epidemic, the company strictly closed-loop production management, organized nucleic acid sampling volunteers in the factory area, and formed independent nucleic acid sampling capabilities on April 21. Each factory area has also set up a special isolation point for new employees. After at least 3 days of silent control, antigen and nucleic acid tests are carried out every day without abnormalities before they can enter the production line. The public area of ​​the factory area is arranged to be disinfected with ozone and ultraviolet light. At the same time, the logistics process is strictly controlled, and the materials entering the factory are disinfected and silenced in a timely manner.

Wu Yuhui, director and general manager of STEP, and part of the management team have taken the lead in stationing in the factory since the beginning of the control. Therefore, during the epidemic, the entire management system of STEP was operating normally. Under the construction of the epidemic prevention and control management grid, we pay attention to the dynamics of each employee to ensure that the company can still operate efficiently during the resumption of work and production, and maximize business recovery. This is also a guarantee for employee benefits. At the same time, the company has always kept the logistics support of the employees in the factory in mind, and carefully deployed; the company pays special attention to the physical and mental health of employees, so as to maintain a good state of life and production for everyone; for employees who have been stationed in the factory for more than one month, apply for resumption of work in advance To create conditions for later arrangement of rotation.

In order to deliver orders to customers in a timely manner, STEP gradually breaks through bottlenecks such as the suspension of upstream local suppliers and poor cross-regional supply logistics, and is also vigorously promoting the BCP model (Business Continuity Plan, that is, business continuity plan). For example, on April 15, STEP purchased equipment and materials for the Hangzhou factory, transferred the production capacity of Shanghai elevator control cabinets to the Hangzhou factory, and served Hangzhou and surrounding customers faster. On May 4th, STEP obtained the inter-provincial permit for trucks and opened up inter-provincial logistics with Hangzhou and Suzhou. At present, STEP has realized the coordinated production of some products in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and other factories and the coordinated supply of raw materials in a two-point-one-line manner. STEP does not hesitate to pay higher costs to ensure the basic smooth flow of logistics during the worst period of the epidemic.

During the epidemic, Amar, a STEP subsidiary, used science and technology to help prevent and control the epidemic, and developed an epidemic prevention service robot that can move on each floor of the building for dynamic disinfection. effective guarantee is provided.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, STEP has been closely following the government's policy direction, giving full play to the leading demonstration role of leading enterprises in intelligent manufacturing, demonstrating the hard core strength of enterprise technology in helping the fight against the epidemic, and contributing wisdom to high-quality economic and social development. STEP will further strengthen the confidence in "overcoming the epidemic and seeking development together" . All employees will cheer up their spirits, work hard, actively adapt to market changes with pride, prepare enough "food and grass", practice hard "internal skills", turn crises into opportunities while seeking innovation and change, and unswervingly complete the annual development goals.



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